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I didn´t even know the term EOMM, but after reading upon it, yes. I agree. EOMM is exactly what we have in WT laced of course with SBMM as well though.
You learn something new every day.

It is hard to find motivation to play WT these days as every single match is the same. I carry a team of inactive noobs while getting stomped by the enemy team and we lose. Absolutely no variety and it is what ultimately made me stop playing PUBG and COD MW2019.

So far i have collected info on 50 matchies, i shall do another 50, it reveals some intresting results

Engagement optimised matchmaker.

Almost everything in WT is optimised to “encourage” you to play for as long as possible - just look at how the events are designed.

There is a “slot machine” vibe to a lot of underlying game mechanics. Maybe you wanted this to be your last match of the night, but it went terrible, so you’ll play another one to try and go to bed with a dopamine fix… Stuff like that.

I think that’s part of the reason why people take this game too seriously and forget to just have fun sometimes. You need to approach WT in a healthy way to get the best out of it imho.

But back to the subject at hand.

A purely skill-based set up, akin to what you may find in chess, is about pitting competitors of similar skills against each other, so it has a narrower objective than an EOMM, which affects many other elements of the game - making sure you don’t progress too fast, for example. Making sure you never feel like you’ve gotten so good that you’ve “conquered” the game and are now “done”, etc.

Of course, just because everything else in WT is optimised to keep you in the game, it doesn’t automatically mean that it must apply to the matchmaker as well. But it wouldn’t be surprising if it did.


Screenshot 2024-01-12 at 09-36-51 What is Engagement Optimized Matchmaking

After switching to ASB it´s like I am playing a completely different game.


I think you have to look for your own enjoyment to get the most mileage out of WT.

For me, the primary motivation is mastering vehicles until I deeply understand them, so I’m not too fazed by the team side of things. Don’t get me wrong, I want to win and I’m not a lone wolf kind of player, but win or lose, the only metric I can really track for myself is whether I’ve extracted all potential out of the machine I used or not.

You can find all sorts of ways to enjoy it too. Recently I renamed all my German lineups after IRL units that broadly approximate the vehicles included - of course with all the allowances that come with the BR system. I’ve started putting the appropriate decals on the vehicles in question, and it’s really a very small and modest roleplay thing, but even that made me smile and have fun. That’s why we play the game at the end of the day, for fun, otherwise what’s the point.

If there really is an EOMM, the best thing you can do against it, is to play WT on your terms - not on the terms of the incentive and disincentive system that is built into many MMOs. This is an amazingly rich and deep game that does give you that freedom. 😁


I haven’t played ground sim in too long. I need to get back into it, it’s bloody awesome.

But yrs, that’s a great example of what I mean. There is so much more to WT than just ground RB.

I recently played the Tunisia user mission found on WT live and had a pretty good time! 😁

Oh I remember the day when I saw your name lighting up in the killfeed … Sturer Emil … kill after kill. You mastered this tank for sure.
I lost that match. And you got 7 or 8 kills before I was able to stop you.

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Don´t forget to note which server cluster you are playing on. I found out I get completely different results while playing on NA cluster than EU cluster. Because it feels like your MM values are logged in only for the cluster you played. Majority of my time in WT spent playing on EU cluster, I have most of my data logged in for EU. This is why I switch to NA cluster when I grind events to power trough them ASAP. Though the more I play on NA, the more conjunct both clusters become. Soon I will have to start playing on CIS for the events :D

Started SB for this reason. But the map rotation is quite narrow and I fear it will start to get boring rather soon.

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I didn’t even realise it was you, or I would have said hi!

It’s always super fun to run into someone from the forums in game.

Yeah I’ve used the 4.3 lineup to grind the event, and it was… A chore. I think it’s wide consensus that this event was just too much in terms of grind, I hope they fine-tune it in the future.

Need to go back to my beloved 6.7. 😁

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It was a nasty La5 that killed you from above in the end :-P. You where really busy in the match and after the match you went offline. So no chance to say hi. But I enjoyed watchin my team running into you ^^

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I run on both serves, you can tell by the game play when USA is active

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Let’s squad up sometimes!

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I would guess the reason is more due to the BR/nation combo…
I dont play RB, and i think AB has a more “normal” distribution.

It is possible/probable that to match 5.3 US, the game player distribution makes it easier to find enemies at 6.3…not sure on how this works these days…in the old times, it would mean a lot of germans at 6.3. Also possible that allied nations have more players at 6.3, making US be the bottom tier more. Would require a harder look at both teams composition.

I am not aware of any SBMM in WT…but i am also not sure it doesn’t happen…
From what i read, i would bet more on nation/BR combo…

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Your info is just guess work, what a great help your not

I gather more data. The more I have the better. Will take time but I think it is just interesting to see how it evolves. I personaly got no problems with all those uptiers. It can be frustrating but all in all I win more then I loose.

Yes it is… dont know how the algorithm works, so i have to guess based on what i see.
In Arcade, where i play, the issue is simpler and the matchmaking is more uniform.

In Realistic there are the nation limitations which seem to cause issues at some BRs…as there is no other apparent reason, i GUESS this is what skews the numbers a bit. Bear in mind that player numbers may also be wrong…as there is no official data on this, i can only guess.

The “official” info is this:

PERSONALLY, i just play and try to get my kills…whenever i meet something i can’t kill i just go elsewhere…as this is rare, i no longer check match BR.
There are a few tougher targets (IS6, Jumbo, Maus, etc…) that annoy me, but usually there is a chance to kill anything if i can hit the right spot.


Your going to scrach your head when i publish my numbers, only 10 more tp go.
what is your main nation and how to you get on with PlayStation as i struggling against pc on xbox due to camera control and feel they have the upper hand

I am under the impression RB numbers are odd…and i cant really verify or comment a lot as i dont play RB. If your numbers are AB based then i have more experience…and can comment better.
Playing on PS vs PC is hard, but i decided to stop caring a long ago…i do what i can and have fun. Adjusted camera controls and am ok with them (in tanks).
My biggest gripe is their (PC) ability to hit me with first shot in situations where i can hardly locate them even when i manage to try for several seconds. This actually made it annoying to play RB and i gave up the mode…but i can get a consistent 1:1 kill ratio on AB.

On occasion i get console only matches…and they work MUCH better. I can see everyone has the same limitations i have…they fail more shots, they have the same perception issues and i usually get better than 1:1 kill ratios…

How do you get console only matchies?

My resuits for 100 matchies @ 6.0 BR britian

27 @ 100 SP full up tier
43 @ 110 SP partial up tier
25 @ 130 SP partial down tier
5 @ 150 SP full down tier

Works out 70% in up tiers and 30% in down tiers

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