Battle rating

Players who want something: I’m going to write an essay, also players who want something: Put it in the discussion channel instead of suggesting how it could be implemented.

Interesting, but I would go about it another way. Try this instead.
Make a normal lineup, drive a tank in the middle of enemies, do not kill anyone just die. Respawn and do the same until you can no longer spawn.
Do this 100 times.

After 100th battle try to play normally.
Notice you play against braindead bot like people and enjoy your 20:0 K/D game.

It goes way deeper than SBMM. Armor value, armor penetration, missile tracking, flare resistance de/buffs. Not many people remember they played with the idea of introducing these as consumables. Something similiar to RP/SL boosters but for armor / shell values.

As interesting as I find the idea, it happens to me from time to time due to carelessness. I can’t bring myself to play like that ^^
I have observed something else in a duel against a lvl 10 player. Combat distance 10-20m … all shots went to the edge of the target circle and I don’t mean the small one … 5x in a row. I was just lucky that he wasn’t able to aim at my weak spots.
Reminds me a lot of WoT … back then I knew I had to lose.

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What is that?

I am currently recording my sp costs and will publish them soon.


How do you keep track of your Battle-rating?
I take a screenshot on the tank selection screen and after the battle so I can keep track of my wins and losses.

I thought about screen shots but thats a bit OP, so i resulted to old fashion pen and paper and just writes down the SP cost for medium tank in batchies of 10. FYI im acing my centurion mk1 so it will only be a plane and 1 tank line up

Good luck. Looking foward to the results.

So … 10 battles in the 5.0 BR USA:

0x 5.0 Battle BR
1x 5.3 Battle BR
6x 5.7 Battle BR
3x 6.0 Battle BR

So much for full downtier …

5x wins and 5x losses … I keep playing and collecting data.

When they say max 4 top tier in a full uptier, does that mean 4 players ie a full squad, or does it mean 4 tanks max thats in a squads line up. Because i am thinking, you could have a squad with 5 x 4 tanks 1 br above you and that is with out GE crew slots

After that day, I think I’m simply no longer qualified for downtiers …

What happend?

I started playing Warthunder in February of 2023 and it’s been like the way it is now since I started.

I don’t even count it anymore, but playing 9.3 is quantum impossible to be top tier.

Ten years ago I understand it, now with wt and wot so seen. This really does not motivate me to put more money and support the game.

And the argument of play safer, being down in the team you can also do well.

Ok perfect but why all the time ? Is it a game for masochists?

And yet most of mine tonight have been full uptiers. I’d say greater than 75% and 90% of those I have been bottom tier. Uptiering seems to be based on the number of players above you and not at all tied to percentages. If it was based on percentages as you say then if I played 100 games then 25 would be full uptiers, 25 would be full downtiers, and 50 would be somewhere in the middle. Ideally that’s how it should work, but that is not how it works.

Four vehicles per side is what they mean.

I agree with this sentiment. I don’t mind either way but I’m curious about the numbers.

I’ll have to note down my own ratios over the next week or two of playing the game.

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I put another 10 battles in 5.3 BR USA …

0x 5.3 Battle BR
0x 5.7 Battle BR
2x 6.0 Battle BR
8x 6.3 Battle BR

that is 80% full uptier. BUT still 6 wins and 4 losses.

And after that I went into 6.3 BR USA … I quit after 3 battles …

To sum it up. Since I started collecting data I got

22x +1.0 Battle BR
16x +0.7 Battle BR
1x +0.3 Battle BR
0x 0.0 Battle BR

So 39 battles without a full downtier. My morale is a bit low. Because if it’s true that there is an SBMM. Then it would mean that other players would get exactly the opposite of my result.
Fair? … If you’re in favour of an SBMM, sure.


I don’t think WT has a SBMM. But I do think it’s possible that it has an EOMM. Of course that’s basically impossible to prove either way, but to be honest, I’d be surprised at any long-lived MMO that doesn’t have some kind of EOMM. The technology isn’t really new.

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All those shortcuts ^^

Enlighten me. What is EOMM?

We dont need more complex MM mechanics, decropmpression and equal member count per team should be do the Job.