Your uptier experinces

i want you guys who read this that you comment your experience with how many uptiers and how big of an uptier
what br you were playing
1,0 1,3 1,7
2,0 2,3 2,7
3,0 3,3 3,7
4,0 4,3 4,7
5,0 5,3 5,7
6,0 6,3 6,7
7,0 7,3 7,7
and so on
what country US/GE/USSR/GB/JP/CH/IT/FR/SW/IL
what game mode AB/RB/SM

Just play the game and do your best, even when faced with adversity. Looking for an excuse to give up every match isn’t going to do you any favors.


you can join here

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yeah i just want statistics from players instead of me needing to play atleast 100 matches with diffrent countries

It’s not giving up and not every match. It’s understanding how warthunder matches players in a BR. Given that this topic is growing and players are becoming more frustrated, this provides information for players to make an informed decision. Eventually gaijin may even take notice.

On the contrary, players are finding increased enjoyment so it is indeed doing us favors.

uptiers are just unavoidable and at some BRs it sucks a lot, but it is what it is

I die in dowtiers, I also die in uptiers.

I only get up-tiered in Air Assault (basically anything above a 10 gets a 12+ group)

Otherwise I just play Air SB so my up/down-tiers are known in advance depending on what day it is.

hard to pick a favorite. They’re all just a blast!

I have no words for the bs i’m experiencing in game. how can gaijin explain how my f4j 11.3, goes against 12.3 tier planes every game, i played 30 games today and 95% of the games were full uptier from 11.3 to 12.3. I am very pissed and I have no idea how that happens. The F4J-II was made to fight mig 17s, yea but lets make it fight aircraft like su-27 that were made in 1990 almost 20 years from when the f4j was made. I am beyond disappointed.

welcome to 1,0 br range of top tier when almost every nation gets new top tier jet

Unlike when I played World of Tanks, I never actually notice uptiers in War Thunder. Because here uptiers are never so drastic and I can always do well. I am often handicapped by my “team”, never by an uptier.

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