Battle is over Autokill

Looks like black damage on that plane. Black damage usually means a destroyed compartment, module, or crewmember. Seems pretty severe…

Ah yes. I have full elevator control, full rudder controll, full pitch. And have no loss of lift.

I do however have slightly more drag. I would know, i played half the match like this not noticing.

Much severe damage, very wow.


Its a system that can be tweaked, but not playing a ejection animation would mask issues like this.

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I’m glad you realise what colors mean in terms of vehicle damage. Now you can go forth and know when to return to the airfield.

Yes i will continue to do so as i allways did. When not combatworthy.

Which means whenever the lack of a wing doesnt impair me too much because im trying to win a match and not optimize for KD.

But also the damage there literally didn’t affect the aircraft at all, so the arbitrary damage number objectively speaking needs tweaking. Signalling to a player that the enemy aircraft is “severely damaged” when they havent even received a critical hit is just bad.

Critical hits were allready unreliable in telling if an enemy aircraft was actually impaired. This is somehow worse.

Further to my stance, this is just a battle, not a war, so it’s not just ‘bam over’ as the outcome of this scenario is.

If i see stuff like this:

…or other comments like this:

and such things:

it seems obvious that there is a clear lack of reading comprehension of gaijin’s communication leading to a distribution of non-fact based opinions.

First of all:

The majority of players are simply unable to understand what the new function (and the side effects) actually means. I linked above the feedback threads and it is obvious that the new mechanic actually decreases the overall income - at least in the current state.

In addition - this has nothing to do with kill stealing or the prevention of it. If you try to read carefully gaijin’s communication the “i was killed by a dead plane” phenomenon was their sole motivation.

Highlights of the new mechanic and what some of you missed / ignored:

  • In parallel to the test phase gaijin changed their mechanics to get critical hits - they became much rarer than before the 15th of February
  • As a result tasks requiring crits became much harder to complete
  • Same as with kill assists as they require usually a crit
  • Current you score either an instant kill or you score a hit before you score a severe damage
  • In order to get a “clean & instant kill” - so without the chance for others for a kill steal - you need to kill the pilot or shoot the tail off.
  • You get 80% of the rewards of a clean kill for a severe damage. The fun fact is that the requirements for a severe damage are more or less identical to those for a clean kill (with 100% reward) in the old world.
  • In other words it get more complicated and a clean kill in the past can now be stolen.
  • Regarding kill steals: If you score a severe damage and somebody else finishes the plane, the mechanic counts your damage as a kill - but just in this match. In your overall plane statistics you won’t find this kill.
  • That is the reason why you see so many clubbers diving on planes without wings as they can score a kill relevant for their stats.
  • On the other hand we have (like in the OP) fully functional aircraft declared as severe damaged and written off after tickets or time ran out. This loss is counted in your stats and is imho a scam and just implemented to produce repair cost.
  • Other players like @_Poul tested gajin’s claim that those kills based on severe damage (so not finishing or a “real” kill) will count for tasks or camos. Currently this is not working.
  • On top of that the match score got lower, at least on average as you get less crits, less assists and less points for instant kills. So any score driven event gets slightly harder

The only thing what is positive is that the severe damage reward generates way more SL than a kill assist.

But as outlined above this is imho not enough to compensate the negative effect. Just by simple math an thinking the system is decreasing rewards. 80% for a severe damage sounds great compared to 45% for a kill assist (valid for Air RB, same value in all battle summaries) - the “Praise Gaijin” crowd simply fail to understand that a severe damage today was a guaranteed kill (= 100%) in the past. At the end of the day you lose score & SL/RP.

And of these facts are written in the forum, all you need is to read and understand the content.


Responding to the Severe Damage feedback & release time

[Development] Testing out the Severe Damage mechanic

So i kindly ask you to avoid spreading misinformation. It is fine to post opinions, but extremely annoying if they are just based on feelings and not facts.

Thx in advance!

I proposed this here:


I don’t like “nursing simulators.” They already did similar thing with “sinking simulator” in Naval where I would spend half of the match sinking to one side, so I couldn’t even continue to fight.
I don’t want to play a match and constantly look at the picture of the plane and ask myself: Ooof, am I severely damaged and do I have to return to base… while my plane still is able to turn and shoot. This will cause many more people wasting time away from the action because they are nursing their plane and had to return to the airfield to repair.


Why can I survive in a half dead tank and not a plane? If I spend the last minute nursing a dying plane to save my life then why should I get my decision reversed by a stat chaser at Gaijin? Also why wasn’t this an issue six months ago or two years ago. Why bring this in after 12 years? I mean how long does it take for Gaijin to get the basics sorted out?


Cause this one the things people wanted changed when they gave feedback that was used to create the roadmap.

Imho this topic “i was killed by a dead plane” was for a very long time an issue - but exclusively in Ground RB.


Thanks for that its much appreciated.

Seems to me that we don’t need all this new stuff just the definition of a dead plane defining properly.

.A live pilot in a crashing plane can release bombs and might in a real scenario. A dead pilot cannot but his plane can still cause damage when it crashes.

It seems like Gaijin did their usual and really turned a game basic into a storm.

One step forward two steps back.

I would love to have that translated into Latin and give it to Gaijin as a family motto

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“I was killed by a dead plane” is a separate beast and is the worst in Naval where you kill a plane that carries bombs, get the kill notification, your AI guns stop shooting, but the plane still flights in a straight line towards you and is able to drop bombs (when it reaches the target while being DEAD) and kill your previously intact ship.

Gaijin reasoning In a nutshell: Killed planes can still fight, drop bombs and kill enemies, but severely damaged planes that are still alive, fly with an alive pilot are counted as dead. smh

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I don’t play Realistic, but it was definitely a “problem” in Ground Arcade and especially Naval Arcade.

Most players stop shooting at planes when they see “Aircraft Destroyed” message. But such planes were still dangerous. By delaying the death of planes, the devs “solved” this problem. But if they had left it like that, many of the previous kills would have been denied (that would result in less kills in battles). To make it even, they decided to kill all severely damaged planes at the end of the battle.

That’s not true. AI gunners shoot at planes until the pilot will die.

Interesting how do they know that? Do they check his pulse? How does a pilot that gets multiple HE-VT shells to his face is still able to see, function and make a working drop on a target?

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Please refrain from going off topic…
“red line maps” and “the lack of cover and tiny map spaces” have nothing to do with being ejected due to being severely damaged

Now you are off topic by telling me to stay on topic. Who made you the moderator anyway ?

Now you are off topic by telling me to stay on topic

pretty intellectual argument…

Who made you the moderator anyway ?

Who says i cant tell people to stay on topic?
im just trying to stop this post from becoming full of tens of comments of 2(3) people arguing off topic.

Edit: I’ll end here cause im also going off topic…


Its an intellectual argument you ended up agreeing with lol

Now you really are off topic. Please stay on topic thank you.

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Is this trolling or something? I seriously don’t know should I even reply.

Every person who plays Naval should know how it works. And if you don’t play Naval, then why are you talking about things you don’t understand?

You can check AI behaviour at any time, even in the test sail. If you want, you can check my latest battle on YT:


Check 8:15. I destroyed the plane, but my AI gunners started shooting at it, because the pilot was still alive. The AI stopped firing when the pilot drowned. It’s a basic knowledge of Naval, it’s working like that since I started playing the game years ago.


Are you trolling me??? You are making statements about me and you don’t even know me or things I play in WT. All you had to do is quickly check my stats, instead of accusing me of stupid things here. I play Naval plenty enough and have often 12+/1 k/d for the month there. It’s really fun getting revenge killed by some salty kamikaze enemy plane.