Allow us to ban more maps

Premium tanks does not equal premium account.

Totally agree. Btw, im very happy only if gaijin give me the possibility of ban all maps added since 2019.

this is true also most premium tanks are concentrated and show up more on high tiers because most people want to unlock high tiers/whole tech tree and not just low BR’s, also high tiers dont have as much players as lower tiers so the premium players being concentrated there make it appear as if they’re a majority of playerbase or something - they aren’t.
But as sadlamer said, premium tanks don’t equal premium account and that should be enough of a reply already.

Reverse psychology now?
I’ve been using this and the old forum in an almost daily basis since 2015 and I never saw “players wanting shorter matches” as a trend, most players actually want the opposite and usually complain about having shorter matches both in Air and Ground battles. It’s Gaijin that creates shorter matches when they do changes to the game or when they create unbalanced teams, like when they spam single cap maps or when they reduce the amount of damage needed to destroy minibases or when they run non stop events/tasks, etc…

You would just need to google “War Thunder short(or long) matches”, even when you search “long matches” you only get threads about matches not lasting:

And this is not even all that apear on first page and excluding reddit threads that don’t display well in here.

So NO, players do not want shorter matches!


Happy people don’t complain, if you can somehow prove that the complainers exceed majority then you’re correct but so far the proof you have isn’t enough. Theres no reason to complain about having too long matches because the matches are short enough.

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The forum does not house the majority of players.
If players didn’t want shorter matches there wouldn’t be leavers on EC maps ever.

Gaijin does their best to increase match time: Multiple spawn ground battles.
Ground targets giving more rewards than player kills in air RB.

Players keep choosing the less rewards but faster matches.
Base hitpoints have never decreased; they increased from ~650 to ~1300 a few years ago and have been that amount ever since.
Gaijin doesn’t dictate what maps show up for you, it’s RNG with player voting input weighting the scales in a manner.

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That’s right. No doubt that the majority of the players are having a great time.

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So you are happy to spend more time in lobby with little game time, matchies with out tactics just head on rinse and repeat, so you want to be a bot?

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Happy people also have an opinion and there are multiple times where people not just complain here. it just that you don’t find many saying that they like shorter matches and you find a lot complaining about short matches. Also, just cause people don’t complain here about something, doesn’t mean that they agree with the opposite, they could be just not complaining or not even using the forum. I can say that from the players that share their opinions with others the large majority doesn’t like shorter matches, but you can’t say the opposite.

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Players want entertainment regardless of match length. If its long its boaring, if its short its a wast of time in the first place

Just because you don’t like it, it doesn’t make it less true. So fuck off mate.
This flag system is soo broken.

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So where does your opinion about players wanting shorter matches comes from? Or is it just misinformation from you?

If players wanted shorter matches there wouldn’t be so many complaints about them, it’s one of the biggest complaints in these forums, just google it.

Single cap maps spam, cropping most of the area of maps, OP CAS, AI attackers in Air AB, etc… It’s Gaijin that makes changes that make matches shorter too, it’s not the players that suddenly change the way they play. The only thing I remember that they made to increase match time is when the enemy team doesn’t have any more tanks and you now have to wait almost a minute for the tickets to bleed faster, but that is mostly to waste our time in a match where you cannot score anything more.

Players optimize their grind cause they have limited time, they actually try to get the most rewards in a shorter time, doesn’t meant that they want shorter matches.

That’s only cause they made matches last less than 3min with the changes they made before, then they had to increase base damage required to destroy them so that matches would last longer. Also before you had to kill all relevant ground targets to win the match, not just a part of them.

There is no real random map rotation in this game, there are certain maps at a certain period of time, that is why if you leave a match you just joined you’ll end up in the same map most of the time several times in a row., until the game changes the map in rotation. It would be very very rare to get the same map several times in a row if it was really random.

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Me playing the game and observing what my and the opposing team does each match and remembering the trend. People leaving matches early, people exiting larger maps more than smaller maps, etc.
Single cap isn’t new, nothing has changes in that regard.
CAS has always been OP.
A select few legacy maps getting cropped is an issue, and it’s due to player feedback.
AI attackers in air RB are there to help elongate the match by having players destroy them…

And no, there were no changes from 2013 to 2020 [the fastest matches in the game, lasting only 90 seconds when A-7D was introduced] causing all aircraft above rank 6 to take off from airfield a few months later.
And no, maps are RNG with player vote scale weighing.
Each map lasts a few minutes in the rotation at the BR, and then it switches to another random map.

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There are 2 kinds of players grinders and competitive. Grinders just want instant RP for mods for there next vehicle so they want shoe box maps. Competitors want to win, they play with skill they want breathing room to out smart the opposition. Winning matchies brings more rewards

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We know this, most players don’t know this.
They have previous games’ progression systems ingrained in their minds where speed means everything.

Many other gsmes have XP systems for grinds where it takes hours to get to next level, not done in 5min games

Just learn how to play on those maps.

If we are having a discussion and you come adding nothing to it then please stay out

I’m happy with how the game currently is no matter how you call it. You get tons of research points and money in just few minutes which is great. Go play simulator if you like long matches.

Because the people who are happy about it don’t really need to voice themselves as much because their happiness isn’t threatened just because some people are complaining. Most of the time i ignore everyone who complains about short matches even though i could say i like short matches.

I can say that the “large majority of people who share their opinion here” is less than 50% of total playerbase.
After all the person who made the claim that majority wants longer maps has to prove it. The responsibility to support your claims is on you. I’m waiting.

I dont like playing drawn out long matchies, i also dont like playing like a mindless bot, why dont you go play arcade

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His examples did not prove that 50%+ of playerbase supports the changes, his examples were only a few and with 200,000 players daily in this game that comes at 0.0025%

Because i can just play realistic battles with realistic physics and good short battles