Matches are too short!

Please increase the amount of AI and reduce the rewards, matches last less then 5minutes even sometimes and it becomes very hard to finish any wager and goals.
the wagers and bonuses are hard to come by and they just get waisted because some players just focus heavily on AI units.
they wipe the map almost in 3 minutes and then finish off in the next round.

its very frustrating for anyone trying to complete any sort of outside objective as well.


Hey mate! hope you are doing good. let me explain some stuff here,
•Arcade battles are meant to be short gameplay time. there’s no much time to do for goals especially wagers are little bit hard to complete in Arcade mode. You can play in RB which the battles are much longer that you have the time to complete your goal or wagers.

However When trying to complete a wager I highly suggest to take a teammate with you to communicate with them.

I hope you have a great and lovely day!


You are still in the entry BR levels if you dealing with bots still, that all stops past BR 3 or around there in arcade. Use the low levels to learn the games habits, the maps and the big one machine handling. It will help you a lot as you advance.

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I play mostly AB, and some maps usually end very fast, like Pacific Hidden Base, the longest games you’ll usually get on frontline maps or 2 cap domination maps.

Regular ground attack maps, air domination, 1 and 3 cap domination maps… it all depends on the teams, if you have some players that really go for the objectives on one side they may be over quite fast.

Also I generally find wagers, orders, tasks and BP challenges easiest to do in AB.

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no that isn’t what I said. I’m talking about the units you kill and bomb, the pill boxes, the tanks etc.
most matches are balanced, there is time to defend etc, but some maps end under 5min because its too easy to bomb all the AI fast.

Just a comment…SOME (LOTS?) players LIKE short matches IN ARCADE…i know i do…i prefer the present match duration in AB, as i can play a quick match…or several in series with different vehicles.
Back in my college days i would prefer longer and more REALISTIC matches as i had time for them. Nowadays i prefer shorter matches so i can play them with the time i have now.
I KNOW it is not realistic…but i guess thats why we have REALISTIC mode :)
(If the wagers are correct is a DIFFERENT issue to me)

Even in RB the matches are too short imo

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How much time a day do you usually spend playing?
I think it’s about two hours. Why not hold one game of such length? If the income is the same as in many short sessions?

Because i cant…
Usually play small sessions whenever i have some time…i NEVER have 2h in a row…
Personal, professional and family limitations…i “could” force those 2h, sure…but that is no longer what i look for in games…if i have 2 free hours, there are lots of other things i would rather do (or family would rather do).
I can find 2 free hours on occasion (home alone and nothing to do)…but not regularly…and i am not the only one for sure. ALTHOUGH…lots of players can…and those can play BP :)

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Thank you for your reply. This has a simple solution. This is done in simulator mode. Confrontation. You can enter and exit at any time. The game consists of many small tasks. But the reward is delayed until the end of the session. There is only one thing superfluous in this - the final victory for one side.

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im not talking about 10minute matches, those are reasonable, but sometimes we wait 5minutes in queue for a match that lasts 5min.
you use 4 minutes of those 5 flying to engage. i really dont see how this is the goal, if i have a layout to use 5+ planes and can only use 1-2…
not only that, it renders wagers useless. you cant do some of them in realistic at all, neither in 5min matches at all. and bonuses are waisted too cuz you can get considerably more in a 10minute match then in a 5.

if 5minute matches become the norm, then people will just dive for speed for head ons, and dont care for dogfights, just asap kills no matter how many reds in an area and leave aircraft to repeat the kamakazi because there is no time for anything else, no time for positioning, no time to wait for wingman or nothing. just run to kill, J and repeat. not fun at all.

a good fix to make both sides happy is let us block more maps and show what is the next map in rotation and estimate queue time for next if you blocked it.

bombers already is a hassle br 5.7+ the only chance you have with some are to climb high with, by the time you get to 6km altitude, the match is already ending.

Yes !! The matches are way to short and the air field AA is way to strong needs to be nerfed massive
thats all

If only RB games would be 45, 60 or 90 minutes. You get much more into fighting a war/battle then have a dive into the deck and have a 2 minute rumble that the current team deadmatch meta is.

A country dies not win the war because it gains air supremacy. The Allies won the war because they used their air supremacy to successfully land in Normandy.

Unless you are a bomber on a map with a destructible airfield you do not need to be anywhere near the enemies airfield. Press M and check your objectives

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Ok, my suggested fix is do Air AB like what’s now done in GF matches:

Fighters-only, no more markers showing ground targets (tanks, pillboxes, artillery, and aaa). Leave the markers for strike aircraft and bombers asis.

And then mabbe a buff to make ground targets harder to kill with plain guns or light cannons.

This might help with short matches attributed to 4-player P47 squads or individual players going anti-mech crazy.

Lottah :)

Hi everyone. Relatively new player to War thunder. Not new to flying sims. I’ve played alot of Il2:bos, cliffs of dover and greatest battles. Attracted to the game due to the variety of planes and nations. I quite like Arcade battles due to its simplicity. When you want to enjoy a few battles with a few different lineups in a short amount of time Arcade is the place to go! However I do agree in the mid tiers and upper mid tiers 4.0-5.3 the matches are usually over way too fast.

I’ve already spent more than I care to admit to get mostly WW2 based lineups/planes I really like all sorted. I do have to agree with the original poster. I don’t understand why we have so many available crew slots if the match is OVER in 2-5 minutes of battle activity not including the flying time to get to the objectives/enemy.

I’ve got 4/6 plane lineups for Germany, Japan, USA, Britain, trying to combine a mix of fighter/ ground attack planes so I’m versatile for the BR’s I like. Generally I don’t like anything over 4.7.

Even then at 4.0 - 4.7 games are often over before I can select a second or third plane! I feel like why bother have 5 planes at 4.0-4.3 in a lineup if I usually only get to use one or two a match! The only time a larger lineup is beneficial seems to be air domination maps.

The speed the match is over also affects player behavior, I see people like lemmings rushing a ground target or two crashing into the ground and repeat over and over.

Overall I can say I am really enjoying the game. I’m one of those people not really interested in the jets and mostly in the ww2 era. There are some ww2 planes I would like to get but the fact they are gonna be facing jets most of the time is a big turn off to me. but that’s a different topic.