Allow us to ban more maps

Gaijin, if you refuse to give us better gameplay and keep pushing for shorter and shorter matches with head-on only, team deathmatch gameplay, at least allow players to refuse to play more maps, because some of those are indeed atrocious.


Yes, but if everyone banned for example 5 maps, the matchmaker would have a really hard time finding a battle.

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premium users are likely a minority of total playerbase


Better than people quitting after they get maps they don’t want to play.


Id kill for more bans, half the maps I hate, and whilst I dont expect to ever get 10+ map bans. I think 1 for non-premium and then an additional 1-2 bans for premium users would not be unreasonable.


That could be a problem at top tier 😆

nobody is asking for 5 ban permits especifically. If you don’t want to help the topic, don’t answer it

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I’m not using premium, so I can’t use that. But I think premium players should be able to ban every map they wish regardless of how it would impact matchmaking. At least that would make gaijin actually listen to what people want

better than ban everything, Is to give like + dislike = total maps. AND more ban votes

I’m not really a fan of gaijin maps. I wrote it as an example. Rather than one ban, I’d rather ban a large number of certain map types. Some maps are good but have stupid and small variants.

not sure what that has to do with my point but alright

it wasn’t meant to be for you. wrong click

Actually, I think that map rotation got a lot worse since they added the option to dislike and ban maps. Maybe it’s a result of player choices.
As for me, if I don’t like a map I just don’t play it, I prefer to go do something else and then return for the next match/map. I got premium and I don’t remember if I got anything banned right now cause it’s really not the maps I hate but certain versions of them, especially those cropped “new” versions of maps that funnel all the gameplay in a narrow corridor.

I can see that, but not all by itself. If gaijin allowed the matchmaking to take some more time it could make use of more maps

Imagine how wonderful it would be if I could ban 20 garbage COD maps

Give us an option to ban all city maps in one click. That would solve a lot of problems already.


Players aren’t Gaijin.
Just cause players want shorter matches doesn’t mean Gaijin themselves do.

If the ban limit was 5 it’d be 20 maps banned per squad.

More people would zero death leave because most of the hated maps are the large ones so I’d never get them.

Nah. Realism > banning all city maps.

I cant get a battle at all currently even after waiting five minutes

I don’t really need more map bans. What I REALLY would like is the ability to ban the “new” moronic small conquest version of some of the maps. That thing is an immediately zero-death-leave for me.


Yes. That’s why everyone on toptier plays on premium tanks.