Allow us to ban more maps

And you made your name here , I didn’t.

I think gaijin need to bring back into game what they invented, shrinking playable environment

I asked you to stop with the name games otherwise ill tag mods
This is place for discussion not for nonsense

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It’s basically all they contribute, I’m not sure how it manages to happen so much without being dealt with.

Again, go find more posts and comments with likes than he did, proving your claim that more players prefer these stupid cutoff, corridor, small maps over a mix of larger AND town maps. You can’t, can you? You people always claim “sources” and “prove it”. So go find it and prove it. We have plenty of proof here of complaints. You don’t of the opposite. You’re just lucky Gaijin doesn’t choose to listen.

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We are given adult responsibility but the immature show up 😆

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Bud you think I care what you do?

Even if every single forum player wanted longer battles, it would not be enough proof that majority of total players want longer battles. If you want to say that majority of total players want something, you have to fully prove this, so be above the 50% cutoff mark. Forum players are a minority of total players and minorities can’t account for majorities.

Oh good to hear from you again. Here to take Gaijins side again? And anyone who takes up for Gaijin in any way possible? Of course

Map bans were a mistake. Give a mouse a cookie, and all that…

One ban per player is already potentially 32 maps gone in a 16v16 lobby. Even just increasing it to two is of course 64, then 96, etc. It’s not viable.

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Well this is exactly why I keep saying that Gaijin should send out a mass, game-wide poll, to everyone upon login until they fill in the poll, to get an opinion from every player.

All they have to do is put it on the screen the same way the update game log shows up or the daily login reward pops up. This would solve the whole question, straight from every player currently logging in.

But anecdotally we can go by the examples we’ve given and if you go by the player base on here and other places, it’s apparent more people are complaining about these recent changes, than are supporting it or complaining about the way it was before. I remember there were some complaining about getting shot from people climbing to the top of the mountains etc so they cut off areas of the map, but not near as many complaining as they are now.

I think instead of map bans there should be a map voting system at the end of a match, give us the ability to actually play the maps we want instead of some random weekly selection.

Anecdotal “proof” is not statistically valid evidence because it can’t account for the majority if it is minoritial

Funny how you didn’t acknowledge my advising for a complete poll. Are you afraid of what the results will be? That it would destroy your argument and stance?

Why not just agree with me and say yes, a true complete poll would be great?

You have a choice, and you choose to attack my Second view, that we even have anecdotal evidence, instead of liking my view for a poll.

Edit : And who are you to say that the anecdotal is in the minority? You don’t know that. The gentlemen above just provided way more proof than you, that our opinion is more in the majority so far. Once again your claim is ridiculous. You’re just spouting your opinion and wanting it to be a fact.

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Because your idea of holding a poll doesn’t prove that 50%+ players support longer matches. You can’t just say that “my idea of poll is proof because in my opinion everyone would vote yes”, thats literally same as saying “majority of players support x” without proving it with evidence. Simple as that, i ignored it because it’s irrelevant. We aren’t here to say wether a poll would be great or not, i’m simply asking for evidence for the claims the guy did who said that majority of people support longer matches.

Except you can’t use an imaginary poll result as your proof for a real argument.

I want real proof, not imaginary poll results lol

Now you’re sounding like another person here we all know.

How is an official poll, sent by GAIJIN, to every single player who logs on, an “imaginary poll”?

You just don’t want the truth.

Because it hasn’t happened yet, so you can’t use it as proof in this current argument. Any theorization of the results is pointless because your theories are theories and not proof. They’re results of your imagination.

Please, this is getting tiresome. Just ignore him. He’s an idiot who is way beyond any kind of educational reach.

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