AirRB NEEDS less people

As of today air rb has two teams with 16 a side, since it’s introduction this has been one of the single worst changes to arb, ever.

The introduction of bigger maps in no way compensates for the bigger player count, why? Because regardless of map size it will always end up as a furball at the middle of the map. While player count is not the direct cause of this issue, it makes it worse as the amount of players in the furball makes it very difficult to stay aware, friendly fire is also much more common.

As more and more advanced aircrafts are added, so are the advanced missiles, missiles such as the R-27ER and aim9m can be extremely hard to evade, which is fine, they are meant to be hard to evade.
The problem is the amount of such missiles in a match. Say every plane carries 6 missiles, that is 192 missiles in every arb match, WT is progressing into the era where missiles are becoming very strong, this combined with the atrocious amounts of missiles makes it a major issue. Not to mention the addition of the su27 which has 10 very strong missiles.

The concept of BVR is also completely non existent because if anyone dares to climb, they will have missiles shot at them from likely multiple enemies and is going to die unless they start to hug the ground or notch.

Winrates are also much more random depending on your team skill, personal skill now has much less impact on the outcome of the game.

Feel free to add any points of counter points


Higher team size in lower tiers, up to say, tier 4 is fine… but after that it should drop off to the point top tier matches are at most 10v10, possibly 8v8.


Imho this 16 vs 16 nonsense affects all BRs, so your statement:

is valid for props too.

You might want to check this thread:


16v16 is horrible for modern jets. The current IR furball clusterfuck is not enjoyable at all, there’s no room for BVR or dogfights. There’s also no skill expression, as every engagement has a random outcome, you can’t keep track of what’s going on around you. It’s horrible.


I have no proof for this, but I think they’re doing this on purpose so stock vehicles can get 1 kill out of the chaos about 50% of the time and then die. Keeps the fodder grinding so the whales can feast on them. It’s already impossible to learn to play an aircraft at top tier without spending hours studying out-of-game materials because you never get to live long enough to understand how things work. At least with big teams the shrimps can scramble around a bit before the furball collapses.


Because the goal is to equalize the skills of the teams and minimize the influence of good people on the outcome of the battle by fragmenting them in the crowd. Everything is more and more random, it has to be fast, as long as no one waits in line. And most players will be FOR this solution for a simple reason, their “earnings” XP and SL are simply random, because every monkey in this crowd by clicking these 3 keys will receive a reward on average similar to the rest. If you do 6v6 battles, it will turn out that better players will start to dominate the rest, the monkey who paid 70 bucks for a premium jet and devoted 300 battles to unlock his newest jet will not be happy that he keeps dying because he can’t use the advantages/disadvantages of the machines he plays.

It’s simply not worth learning anything at the moment, it’s supposed to be quick, stupid, another battle. No skills or requirements. Just give the monkey a stick and let him tap on the ground and reward him with treats(i.e. the largest part of the reward is game time)


especially in enduring confrontation type missions, we should have several airfields to appear, as in simulation, this could avoid a gigantic furball on the middle, in addition they should ensure that the ECs are multi-role, that the objectives really earn points as well as brings victory closer


I recommend voting here:
With enough votes, we may have a chance


Yesterday I had a 1v2 situation in which opponents lost just because of that, dudes ran out of missiles and didn’t want to fight anymore, I strafed them while they were rearming. They could have easily kill me if they coordinated correctly. We were all in F-16’s

Agree. There’s way too much going on to keep track of.

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It doesn’t help that Gaijin is constantly adding new complexity to vehicles without teaching new players anything ever. There is no incentive to learn anything.

There is nothing to learn. There is no skill in top tier, it just depends if the guy you are trying to shoot down is focused on something else or not. It is really luck of the draw.

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My simple answer to this is:
Only play top BR stuff when it isn’t top BR any longer. Way more fun!

There’s no skill involved at top tier BR. It’s just missile flinging 24/7.

I couldn’t agree more, with the introduction of the upcoming update “air superiority” these new jets and the missiles they carry will make this problem so much worse we need changes made sooner rather than later! I don’t see myself playing top tier for much longer if nothing is done about it. The big EC maps that you see from 10.7+ I don’t actually mind 16v16 it is much less crowded and chaotic than the smaller maps such as (city) and (alternate history Spain) but I rarely see those larger maps in rotation which is another issue gaijin needs to fix (map rotation). On the smaller maps I think it should be 12v12 or 10v10 but we need more than just a player reduction, having all the ground targets and bases centralised around the middle of the map only exacerbates the problem even more.

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Limits need to be made depending on map size



It’s just impossible to make a normal game, this game looks like nothing.

I’ve rarely seen such a catastrophic game mode

I would like to see Air RB to be expanded, to where it has more zones and more spawn points.

For example we have the new pacific city (based on hong kong) now only the middle has units, you could give the map in the north another front line with bases, and in the south 2 fleets… So can gave each map a unique feel too… instead of always the central front line with pillboxes.

With extra carriers to spawn from in the edges.

Make the mode rely mostly on destroying enemy units, not mostly the players.

Give the mode respawn like other modes.
There could even be a closer spawn for helicopters.

This gives more roles and functions for more loadout types even in air rb.


When its only 8v8 or 10 v10 its biring.
You dont have to take part in the furball, you can climb above it or can side climb. Just because those with no skil, can only fly the meta planes, but only do head on’s or dive on the first bomber they see does not mean you have to follow