Air rb rework

I make a budget concept the new and better air rb rework.
More spawn locations/aircraft types
Bigger map (compensate the 16v16, later the bvr)
New mission options avaible
More capture points (like grb)
Perfect for stike aircraft and attackers (different spawns and missions)
Perfect for naval/vtol aircraft (this can spawn on the naval carrier)
Perfect for interceptors and fighters (more airspace, more misson, more fair situations [not 1v9 like air rb atm], etc…)


I would suggest that you make it clear that you are talking about top tier air rb. Larger maps are not wanted in the lower tier stuff rn.


top air rb should be a different gamemode, more in line with EC than what it is now, AB with different lead indication

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yep this is true. but the 10.0+ rly need the reword

yes but the biggest problem the too much missle spam

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The only problem is 16v16. Map size, spawns and other things wont matter until the only thing that wins you a game is killing enemies.
And I know A-10 can wipe out ground units and win on tickets but lets be real it is only posbile when it is left alone.
Bases are there only for additional RP (BTW kinda hate that some fighters can carry bombs + full missile load kinda takes away job from dedicated strike aircrafts/bombers)


yea the 16v16 is too much. the perfect way atm the 8v8 or maximum 10v10


This would be great as a separate mode with respawning and longer match times. Like a form of Air RB EC. I would say also for BR’s 9.7+.

There should still be an RB mode dedicated to smaller teams and predominantly PVP matches.

Respawning really is key for a mode like this. Capture points and PVE objectives really don’t make much sense for a 1 life game mode. There is no long-term commitment to the outcome of the match so the only incentive to do PVE would be the rewards.

Respawning can be used as an additional incentive via Spawn Points. You should be allowed multiple spawns per vehicle but each spawn should require points and the amount of spawn points would be determined by match BR, loadout, maybe even whether your winning or losing, etc.

Similar to Ground RB, this introduces additional strategy to the mode. For example, it may be beneficial to not have a full lineup of top BR planes. Instead, you may want to bring some lower BR planes incase you run low on spawn points.

Respawning also changes the progression of the match. Sure at the very beginning of the match, there will be an initial furball. But after theres a victor within the first furball, what happens after is interesting. Survivors may need to reload and respawners may have a slightly weaker plane but with a full load of weapons.

The progression of the match with a respawn system would be super interesting for Air RB, if its done right.

I think this would be a better system than infinite respawns like Sim EC.


maybe yes

In cases of VTOL aircrafts, Aircraft carrier might be set farther away (we’re talking of a modern war era, with Missiles and stuff)

this is just a budget concept imo not the final idea xd

And a budget concept is here to make ideas/remarks in order to refine the budget concept into the final concept.

I work in mechanical Design & Engineering, i know what is a Budget concept thank.

can u rework that in better version?

For that it will need to make the idea/remark phases over this current proposed budget-concept.

Which is not made by players,…(you included)

Perhaps when 30-50players gave their opinion over the idea,… (without directly complainning over current gamemode,…)

Although i share in general most of your views on things i strongly disagree with respawns for Air RB.

  • The “one match - one life” mode within Air RB is the only reason why Air RB has not these “war of attrition / line up” issues like ground RB - leading to subsequent issues like ODL or CAS spam.

  • “One match - one life” enforces at least in theory the need for players to improve and to make the right choices at the right point of time - that’s why you gain the most RP in Air RB if you survive long enough and you contributed to the match.

  • From a holistic view there is no difference between a multi-spawn and a single spawn mode - the experienced player with the strongest line up will always win vs a rookie player with worse vehicles, less XP and less vehicles in his line up - so you won’t change the outcome.

Although i appreciate every attempt to support gaijin in order to improve the game play - with a sober view on things gaijin and players share the responsibility for the current state of Air RB.

So whilst gaijin failed to adjust the maps / objectives / MM / game mechanics and game play to the increasing performance of aircraft - the players create these furballs; some go for instant action and others try to benefit from this - or are simply forced to intervene because otherwise they are in those 1 vs 9 situations.

So it is also a mind set issue within the average player base - as long as it is possible for rookies to buy in at high top tier without mandatory (and actually available) in-game tutorials regarding game play, weapons, tactics, etc. your proposal is just suited to please the more experienced players, but the overwhelming majority will not benefit from more options…


Again this is for a separate Air RB EC mode. You can’t really have Air RB EC without respawning.

Current Air RB can be kept one spawn as it is.

The idea would be to allow for respawning into the same vehicle to help prevent ODL.

This is the theory but it doesnt work at all in practice. Nobody in ARB values their life…

Allowing respawning into the same vehicle sort of like Sim EC does can help newer players out.

There is a major difference in gameplay with respawning though. The match becomes very dynamic and the post-first-furball fight can really become interesting.

Ofcourse there would be balancing needed for a match with respawns. Spotting enemies that airfield camp, providing extra AI help for the losing team at a certain point. These are all gameplay mechanics that could jelp avoid complete team wipes and maintain player retention.

Agreed - i would add an “almost” in front of “Nobody” :-)

Looks like i need glasses - i actually misunderstood the part that you modified the OP proposal for Air RB into this “kind of” Air RB EC mode and you limited your points to your modification. Sorry for that.

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No problem at all buddy. I do think there is something interesting about a 1 spawn only mode. Although sometimes i wonder with today’s meta in Air RB if its actually providing any kind of a benefit. But id be for leaving Air RB as is (or with slight modifications) and adding another game mode.

Its just so stale atm.

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I may be in the minority of thinking that ENEMY player markers should disappear in a game mode like this. With radar it is unnecessary and it would really make low flying strike aircraft a much more viable option. I still think that if they get spotted on ground radar or by players they could auto relay positions on the map, but knowing exactly where they are with a neon name overhead is the reason fur balls exist. I just want a little more realism out of realistic battles.

Imho the word “realistic” is the key here.

Nothing except the size, shape and skin of an aircraft is realistic in wt Air RB.

I do agree that markers might not be necessary if radar is available, but turning it on is a calculated risk. And not all want to show their position to guys with RWRs. And not all aircraft have radar.

For me markers are convenient like hell as they help me to keep my level of awareness high and to prioritize enemies - if i would like to have more realism i would play Air SB.

I do agree that the spotting due to enemy ai planes (a fellow player named it “Borg spotting”) is not necessary and prevents sneak runs, but i do not see any attempts by gaijin to improve the mode with easy measures like reducing lobby sizes back to 12 vs 12 - which would have a much greater effect…