Airfield campers

I hate airfield campers, gaijin needs to implement something to stop this from happening. Maybe we see when there’s 1-2 players left enemy Airfield SPAA turns off.


Could you not turn it off yourself somehow?

its pretty petty being able to do that, but so is also J-ing out of a helicopter when you are about to take damage.

If gaijin turns it off, you will write the same article about turn it on again because you can’t land anymore to refuel/rearm…

You can counter it by flying to midmap and ground pound.

What will happen if it is off you can see at 9.0 on most maps. Players flying straight to enemy af and wait till someone want to land.


… players to open new threads for well known issues:

No offense man, but you address this topic:

  1. Without distinguishing between deadly af aaa at prop BRs and low to zero effectiveness of af aaa at jet BRs
  2. With ~ 300 Air RB matches in total under your belt

…nothing. But it is just sad to see pilots with rather limited pilot skills/experience flooding Air RB and degrading the whole mode into a full-commit headon & base bombing /PvE grinding tool/event (instead of learning to fly and just enjoy the mode) and complaining about everything.

But i don’t feel the need to open a thread for this, as this is how the game has developed, so addressing the obvious in redundant threads is pointless.


This is actually how this started, By the way, BR 3.7. air RB, I was in a Bf 110 G-2 with my 30 mil’s loaded, he had a P-51 escort, a friendly Fw 190 took on the P-51 while I led the intercept to the B-17. I was square behind it while he was hightailing it to his base, even though the game was over and he was the only one left. I was around 1.2 km from him and .4 km from my regular engagement range, when airfield SPAA let loose, I was orange with 2-3 shots and then my pilot was knocked out, I was approaching about 75-100 mph faster than him.

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As long as the Air RB mode is little more than Team Deathmatch, I don’t really see what can be done about airfield camping. The objectives designed to force the guy to “move or lose on tickets” have been made less and less relevant as years have passed, meaning he is more able than ever to camp with impunity.

Sure, I would support turning off runway AAA until the person is physically touching the runway, as was the case in reality to avoid friendly fire. But then we’d only see a resurgence of the opposite problem - people complaining about airbase vulching instead of airbase camping.


Yes, but there has to be some way to balance it, though it might take a long time.

The only real solution is total overhaul of the objectives into a more EC-like state, where no single objective is capable of ending rounds all by itself. Then, the airfield camper only avoids dying, nothing else, and can no longer “win” an otherwise lost match by using AAA to make up for numerical disadvantages.

Turning off AAA except when the plane is on the ground is at best a band-aid that could badly backfire.

It’s a B-17 — he can’t dogfight you. He has 2 plays:

  1. Land, repair, and then J out to save repair costs.
  2. Land, rearm, and try to hit more bases.

Either one is batter than space-climbing to the edge of the map.

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Shouldn’t there be an SAM battery at Jet level BRs? And close in defense only at lower BR? My own experience mirrors others’: Trying to chase a fleeing injured plane or a bomber and being blasted by airfield AA at 1km or more.

Yeah, they are okay, but lackluster. Easy to dodge with subsonics, but low tier spaa needs to be turned low, I can deal with the Roland 1’s, but the low tier is horrible.

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‘just groundpound bro’

What if I’m playing the game because I enjoy air-to-air combat?

Exactly, and besides, if I’m playing a fighter with guns that can’t take out a Sherman, how do you expect me to groundpound at low tier, and then at top tier, without rockets for better flight proformance.

There are only a few maps that have just tanks, i know its shit being in a spit with 7.62 and all the CAS have died and taken all the soft ground targets which just leaves you with pill box’s but you can shoot them through the windows or back door. In higher tiers you get bigger guns

At top tier those aren’t very much, there, to be honest, really only on the Sinai map at higher tiers. I play the A29B on the regular, you can’t ground pound much with the 20mm’s just the CCKW’s and Pt-76-57’s, which are usually killed fairly quickly, and that’s pretty much it.

You’re playing the wrong game? There is thing called DCS?

Its a shit situation, if you in the lead with tickets you want the match to end and move onto the next, just ask the guy nicly to land and j out.
If you lower on tickets you want to kill that last enemy for the win. Best thing you can do there if there is more than 1 of you, is 1 fly top cover and the other ground pound, dont hang around enemy af, it just encourages them to stay there.
Also dont go giving it big in chat, that wil also encourages them to camp even more


Just completely neglecting the fact it has ground vehicles too, I think you meant something along the lines of Ace Comabt. Oh, but not to mention War Thunder was originally an Air combat game genius, Ground wasn’t added to the game for another 2 years after release, and even then it isn’t near what it is today.

This is a PvP game that rewards you for getting kills with skill bonus and ends the match when all players are killed. It was designed for air combat from the start. Why should I ‘just groundpound’ with a fighter in a PvP game? Passive play is a waste of time for everyone involved and should be discouraged at every level.