Airfield campers

AkTuAlly when this game started it was mostly a single player game that had both fighters and bombers in it.
The game gives bonuses for destroying ground targets and meeting mission objectives too ya know.
If you only want to play a game the way you want it played, you should probably only play a single player game.

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See previous post.

About what, you saying to play DCS?

None of this explains why I should play DCS instead, or why airfield AA is a good thing.

Because his argument is invalid, he’s trying to change the subject.

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Ie; You don’t get to tell other players how to play their game any more than they get to tell/force you to. if you don’t like it; GTFO.

Wrong. Genius.

‘If you don’t like it, GTFO’

You might as well ask for the forums to be shut down since all discussion is pointless and people who want the game to be improved should just leave.

You can whine all you want. Just like I can say you’re coming across like a spoiled brat.

And so are you, you said “if you don’t like the say the game is played GTFO” but yourself are the one complaining about people not ground pounding when they don’t have the ability to, seems kinda hypocritical to me, telling people how to play the game and then saying to not tell people how to play the game while your doing it yourself.

No, he is not.

Besides some exceptions, you sound like a blind man talking about colours.

  • Just a few guys have the brain to see that the game is a plain shooter - and shooters are measured by K/D and nothing else.

  • So it is logical that players with competitive goals try to play to increase their kill numbers, and everything what prevents them from increasing their kill numbers is bad by default.

  • And there is nothing wrong with that.

They simply forget that other players might have deviating goals whilst playing the game - so therefore they measure all and everything based on their view on things.

In this debate is that just a few guys admit that they play it just for the sake of kills. The overwhelming majority is hiding behind the usual stuff to get rid off prop af aaa:

  • “But, but it’s a PvP game…”
  • “Without af aaa the game play would be better”
  • “I want to improve the game”
  • “Take more fuel”
  • “Don’t waste you ammo”
  • “Don’t fly PvE planes in a PvP mode”
  • “It’s a team game, etc…”

So at the end most of them are just plain hypocrites pretending to have other goals than to allow them easier kills - that’s all. Again, wt is a plain shooter, there is nothing wrong to think like that, but pretending to be “White Knights” being on a crusade for a better game play is extremely annoying…

Creating redundant threads and trying to repeat arguments discussed years before simply because they can’t deal with game mechanics (either due to a clear lack of experience or they have the attitude to cry for removal of things they can’t handle) is just another sign of the downfall of player quality in wt…


I don’t care about easier kills, or my KD ratio, as if you’d check it’s not great, for my main most used aircraft it’s 62% win rate, with around 152 battles, I don’t care about K/D, I play it to enjoy it, I just want airfield camping to stop. As for him, I don’t know.

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I can’t help your lack of reading comprehension.
I have not said you can’t play your game the way you want, only that you can’t expect other players to accommodate your selfish expectations.
If you don’t like that, feel free to go do something else with your time. Since you seem to not understand what GTFO means either.

when i bring aircraft into GRB that is stricktly setup for anti-air. sucks for you because im not going near the tanks if i can help it. so since im not cas i dont get to play?

Bro, what? That makes no sense, can you clarify a bit? I thought I specifically said Air RB in the post.

Imho you can choose one of these:

I mean you opened this redundant thread with a claim “Airfield camping has to stop” and your example to support your view on things in post #5 is a clear sign of not af camping. Getting killed by af aaa whilst chasing a bomber going rtb is no camping.

Based on your own words it is rather a lack of experience. In any case - sooner or later you will find out that af camping is a fighter problem, highly capable fighters use af aaa to reset fights; that’s all.

So to absolutely not contribute anything to this thread as all points have been talked about for a decade at this point.

But 7.7 mm MG’s can destroy light pillboxes, You just need north of 200 rounds per pilly, Unfortunately that won’t help with most tanks but I figured I’d share this tit bit.

As you have completely given usless information i shall educate you. You can shoot through windows and back door. You might want to start learning to read

Airspawn strike aircraft with bombs can get to the pillbox fortifications faster than fighters, and usually take them before they head for a convoy. Leaving the heavily armored targets for the fighters who can’t do anything when their main choice is you know, fighting other fighters and planes, and have no secondary weapons to hit armored targets.

Why are you telling me this, your off topic. This is about af campers, generally the last man left on the enemy tesm who wont come out of his corner to fight, which is generally at the end of a match or close to