Air Simulator Battle Rewards

that stupidity what a snail? 90k XP for 18k battle points in simulator 10.3? fix the simulator well, return it as it was before.
one was happy playing a simulator, because some of us don’t like the realistic mode and prefer it, and not every player knows how to play a simulator, that’s why it was worth it because it was always full of good people, 90k of XP would get you in half an hour with a few Realistically, it took me almost 3 hours playing to get that reward and still with the victory, it’s not fair that they spoil a mode that has too much potential. Check your route carefully in that game mode please!


they wont fix it bcs people like you who are only playing bombers


in the last 3 years, the forum has been full of people who have only called for fighting abuse. with denunciation of other players and punishment mentality. there have been phrases like: “other players harvest too much - Gaijin pls reduce this reduce that!” and Gaijin has taken that literally! when these forum help sheriffs demand a reduction of sim players then the snail goes straight to work. Gaijin then slapped “Usefull Action” on our plates. just like foul-smelling soup is shoveled onto a plate in the Foreign Legion. phhllatsch


And what is wrong with that?

SB is literally the only gamemode in War Thunder in which you can actually play aircraft, like the Tornado, Buccanneer, Jaguar and I assume in OPs case, the F-111A, Properly. Those aircraft are not designed for dogfighting, they are DOA in ARB. In ASB not only can you actaully play them “properly” but also have an impact on the outcome of the match without having to engage in A2A combat, something that they simply cant do (at least not well)

Why should people be punished for wanting to play those kinds of aircraft.


That’s right! Don’t let people like him tell you what to do. Fly the planes you enjoy!


Air SB is in the way as it has to be, remember 2021 when people used to do tons of RP and SB playing fighters/bombers honestly, that was a nice time.
But maybe it wasn’t enough, somebody invented the PvE rooms to earn <500k RP per match only rocketing AFs, that greed had a price we all paid.
When play ASB, consider being in a buffed custom, don’t expect big earns.
Or learn CAS in GSB to gain what SB used to be.


Air simulator mode rewards are time based, not score based.

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I would give you even less rp and sl for that kind of play. If you did CAS i would agree with you, but somebody like this ranting nah.

I see that some are angry that I only bombed, but check if you like my player card about the simulated battles that I have played, and you will see that I like the DF, the simple fact that he will play in this game in bombing mode does not It means that they hate that game mode, the game is played as you want and if you have not realized or have never played the A6 Tram, it also works for DF with those 4 missiles, but returning to the topic, the rewards it gives are simply silly for playing a simulator and making such a percentage of battle, I also like PvE games because it is literally free food for those who just want to bomb, and in the end they get bored with dying so much that they leave and only those who do pvp as they should remain be.

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1 landing, 14 takeoff haha I am not sure how much “useful action” max score is but you must live the 15 mins. Your almost 3 hours are actually 2:07 hs. Winning bonus only affects SL (47%).

However, yes, rewards are pathetic. That 90k RP is ~22k for non premium vehicle + time

But that’s what happens when some players “abuse” the system and others hate players that don’t earn stuff on the hard way


He’s right when he say that, air sim is probably the only mode where Bomber and Attacker can be played “properly”.
Air Arcade? Have fun. (and let’s not talk about reward in arcade even at high tier)
Air RB? Most match end in 4 to 5 mins. If not, 80% of a team is already dead. what can you expect of bomber or attacker at these Tier level?

Air Sim is the only mode when Bomber and Attacker can literaly have fun. For player crashing after they rocket/bomb run it is another problem which could solved if the Air Sim was updated.

Air sim need an overhaul, an update, because everyone is impacted currrently. Fighter, attacker and bomber. When 2 hours is more rewarding in air RB (bc how fast match end), than air sim, there is a problem .

Air simulator mode rewards are time based, not score based.

Well even on time based it’s not enough sadly
A pure fighter match

2 hours match, 20 kills, victory, end of match (by tickets), premium, no booster or talisman = only 57 000 rp. Just imagine the reward without premium, it just abyssal, for the player which worked for their kills.

Years ago a match like this would be easily x2/x3, even x4/x5 if booster was used. So even a no-premium player was rewarded in sim AIR, because at least Air sim was more difficult than air RB.

Now you are not even rewarded for playing this mode. We have to deal with the time consumption (for 2hours if not more) and we are not rewarded with the current abyssal reward. Everyone lose even if you do a good game.
Sim need to be more rewarding, but more harder to get the old reward modfier. Instead of the capped limit reward that we currently have to deal with.

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As previously stated, rewards in the air simulator game are time-based. It makes no difference if you have 10 kills per minute or 1 kill per minute.

Sounds like a great idea to not reward people for their efforts…


I remember there was some major complaint in the forum not long ago about players racking up rewards too quickly in the air simulator mode through bombing. Perhaps you should express your concerns to those involved. :)

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Can’t imagine having an issue with earning rewards in Warthunder, imagine that.

Maybe they can do something for helicopters and give them RP for doing nothing opposed to giving them nothing.

But players that feel like god have

Just for you to no read whole non sense stuff haha
“a) removal of the research all previous tiers with 1 premium”
“c) reduce premium vehicles RP income and increase SL income from them”

My concern is with those who complain that other people are “earning too much” - that sort of tattle tale BS is the problem.

Reducing the rewards has only encouraged more people bot/farm more


Which seems to be more about the ODL issues that game ‘end’ too quickly rather than the research progression at least, which is an issue that needs to be addressed.

But this notion that people earn too much RP or SL and that it needs to be nerfed is the most inane thing.

I understand your point, then I will use my B17s to DF against Japanese Aircraft, or even against FW 190, I imagine that if I beat them in turn, or better to have more adrenaline, do DF to a MIG 23 or an enemy F4, true that for That’s what they were designed for, the simple fact of bombing or attacking the ground which is a stupid problem, if they are planes that act as a bombardment, why should they bother you, people who complain about players like me who only play for a while to lose time are what ruin things, because of toxic people like you, it is understandable that there are cheating people who use bots, and those are the problem of the community, not players like me who use the planes for what they were designed.

Now with my deaths and landings, if that mechanic exists then my rewards earned are understandable because this way you avoid suicide by not returning to the base, it is a good penalty, forcing the players to return to the base with the live planes, so you fight to survive if you are bombing like they do in the event of attacking and dying foolishly, in fact my 14 deaths were because I crashed, they shot me down and I preferred to die. That is a good excuse for me to force myself not to die foolishly. but they are right, many complain about playing roles that are not DF and those are the ones that harm that beautiful game mode, it was better with the appearance points that one earned to be able to use the cool planes in battle