Air Simulator Battle Rewards

So why did rewards for people like Yukichi (20 kills, zero - Z_E_R_O - bombing) have to be nerfed? Hmmmm.

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I believe there was an official response explaining why rewards have been adjusted in the past, thus I may not be in a good position to answer that. However, from a personal standpoint and based on what I have personally seen (so please do not quote me on this), a lot of players have complained about “zombers” as well as certain players who rack up dozens of kills by farming each other in the air simulator mode. I will not comment on if these are interconnected since I am unsure about many things to give a direct answer, but this is what I have noticed.

And instead of dealing with the ‘actual’ issue, it’s just collective punishment in typical Gaijin fashion.

Love how Gaijin either ignores an issue, or takes the worst possible solution to an issue… like oh it’s kinda crappy that some nations get stock APFSDS and others do not… maybe give everyone APFSDS stock?
-Oh you mean give everyone stock HEATFS, sure.


The problem is that people took advantage of the previous rewards sim had. Just like they took advantage of naval rewards. Just like they used bots in Air RB. Those bots and people that would use sim for absurd amounts of gain is what caused sim to be what it is now. It is a ridiculous thing to go to sim and see people say “pve?” and then leave. That is why the rewards have gotten lower, because everyone wants it to be pve, but doesn’t want it to be pve level rewards. Bombing bases with no resistance shouldn’t be worth a huge reward. That shit is crazy at top tier sim with planes just rocketing airfields.


I started SIM a month and I absolutely do not understand this useful action thing. Even after reading the original 3 year old post. Would you like to explain it to me please?
For example I had a match with Draken XS. I went in, shot what I could, returned to base. After 2h and 30 minutes the match ended with me having 20 kills and 1 death. I landed at least 15 times.
The end score screen showed 1x landing.
I absolutely do not understand how it works or if I am doing something wrong.

that confirms exactly what I have always written above!


denunciators and criers to stop abuse have contributed to this with sentences like:
“Gaijin pls reduce this reduce that. other players earn too much mimimi!”

well!!! Gaijin has reduced! only differently than hoped for! the stop abuse screamers are partly to blame. we all know how Gaijin deals with Sim. with the crowbar.

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You still haven’t understood.

You still want Gaijin to cut other players rewards because those players do something you don’t like.

but Gaijin will reduce your reward and mine! so keep yelling and thanks for the self-mutilation.


People are always going to try and maximize their RP gain when the Snail does everything to try and lower it, the grind is far beyond what you casually complete so if you can play Sim to progress faster, that’s what people will do.

But why you then don’t just lower the RP gain for those specific actions instead of, as usual, punishing everyone, is not something I understand.

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unfortunately that’s Gaijin’s mentality. which we always have to criticize.

but many people here always want that gaijin punish other players. and gaijin punishes!! but all players.

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Well yes i understand what you just said, truely.
But now i understand too (even if i not agree their use), why i still see some bot in Air sim. Because “It makes no difference if you have 10 kills per minute or 1 kill per minute.” so why bother doing this. Thanks to the capped reward time based, instead of score based (or another solution).

I don’t know why they don’t target specific actions either. But I’m not a company employee so I’m not sure exactly how they work everything out.

See, you’re jumping to conclusions. I enjoy Sim and I main strike aircraft and bombers in sim and air realistic.
I see sim is somewhat of a mess, especially at top tier. It is a mess because there is such a huge split between people who want pve only and those that look for pvp.

The pve players will join and leave every game in the listing asking each if it is pve only. Then you have pvp players trying to find games that aren’t just looking for a few people and want some engaging gameplay. Those pvp players hop into these “pve only” lobbies looking for players and then get cussed out for playing the game. It is a pvp mode, so if you get killed en route to a base, just deal with it or fight back. I honestly think you shouldn’t be able to lobby hop so much, especially with some sort of crew lockout on other modes.

The whole reward thing is a big source of controversy because sim is a pvp mode and gets pvp level rewards. When people come to an agreement to never touch each other then it can be seen as playing the system, which people don’t like. The pve only modes have low reward because you don’t have that challenge of other players, just the turd ai opponents. Helicopter pve went the same way as sim since people could get overwhelmingly high rewards for putting in time but not necessarily the same level of skill. Similarly to how air rb players look down on people attacking bases now. The skill ceiling for shooting down other aircraft is higher than bombing static targets. And the pvp modes reflect that by giving higher rewards.

I don’t want to see rewards drop, but I also don’t want to see people playing the system. I surely don’t hate strike aircraft players in sim, as I am one of those players. I do understand the situation and I wish it wasn’t the case, but here we are.

Here’s where you’re wrong. You didn’t create the rules for this mode. How you play, is not how everybody plays. Why even let PvE’ers bother you? Just kill them and let them deal with their own grief and delusions.

And if a match turns into PvE organically, so be it. 🤷‍♂️

Cool thing right, there are two kinds of game modes in Warthunder. Player verses environment (pve) where there is a singular player team playing against only ai targets. Then there is player verses player (pvp) games where there are 2 different player teams and those players can attack other players. Sim is a pvp mode, it has pve elements, but at it’s core it is a pvp mode. That is not me making the rules, that is how games generally work.

You must not have read what I said or don’t understand. I said it twice in my comment, once at the beginning and again at the end. I’ll say it once more, I main strike aircraft in sim and air rb. I’ll say it again in a different way for clarity, I main playing against pve targets in sim and air rb.

With that out of the way, if a match turns out that people just stick to their own and do pve and never fire a shot at another player, that’s cool. When people join a game, ask if it’s pve, and then leave when people are doing pvp actions, that isn’t cool. I don’t think it is the right thing to do because you can’t do that in any other game mode. If you join any other game type and leave because you don’t like that game you incur the crew lockout penalty as a deterrent to do that again. I believe air sim games should share that feature. It would only be fair to any other player that plays the other game types. Keep in mind I am saying this from the perspective of a pve main, not a pvp main.

You’re still penalized for leaving a SimEC match early, in the form of the SL cost you prepaid to flyout the plane. If somebody is match hopping, SL losses will quickly add up. That’s the penalty we have, rather than the time penalty in other modes. We actually lose SL, where they just lose a bit of time.

ok I understood. sorry I was a bit aggressive.

I’ll try to explain it as follows:

  1. gaijin has harmed sim because gaijin doesn’t care about sim problems. this is well known.
  2. the “stop abuse” screamers have harmed Sim.
    and 3. yes the abusers themselves have also harmed Sim.

because of point 2.
here on the forums, players have been calling to cut Lions for other players (abuse players/ players with bomb planes).
so and Gaijin refers to this feedback as a reason to destroy Sim step by step… for all Sim players! it’s a mixture of ignorance and punishment mentality. because of this self-destructive feedback. yes and because abuse.

EC was originally designed entirely for WW2. at hightier, EC never made it past the early beta phase. Gaijin just stuffs modern jets into the old proven WW2 EC concept and it doesn’t really work that well.

the fact that hightier rooms degenerate into PvE psydo rooms is simply an indication that hightier needs to be completely reworked at the drawing board.
if you play flexibly and do everything a bit, that’s fine. but there are a lot of people on the forum who want to punish you for completing bomb missions.
I always ask myself. what is an F-111 supposed to do? Dogfights with MiGs?!

I totally agree.

I am not sure why so many players despise PvE players in the air simulator mode. As stated previously by other Game Masters, it is not against the rules if individual players simply decide to play PvE organically without prior agreement. Things will only go wrong when participants start handholding and deliberately forcing others to follow their “rules” of play. If a player chooses to concentrate on PvE, that is perfectly fine, and anyone can feel free to shoot him or her down.

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Yea, you don’t get precharged anything. You get charged when you spawn a plane, otherwise how would the game know how much to charge you?

The funny thing is that EC is more PVE oriented than PVP as you can win the match doing objectives, only 1 (“Air Supremacy”) is PVP, having a higher money/time ratio.

IMHO the problem with EC is that punishes all the player base with very expensive respawn and very few rewards. You need almost an hour to receive the first “Useful action”. They need to reduce the respawn cost and increase the rewards, and maybe a reward even for flying cause in some tiers or hours of the day you can’t find matches with a lot of players, and you can end up with fly time of 30min or more without a single kill and not a target damaged so 0 RP and 0 SL. At the end, people will always abuse the system so its better to reward players instead of punishing everyone, cause the abuser will find the way to get rewards.

If you try to only DF and you’re an average player then you’ll end up earning nothing to almost nothing after expending too much time as you don’t get the “Useful action” rewards (only after your kill someone, that could be between 10 to 30 min after takeoff). The “You need to land to get more rewards” is a false statement, you can land every time, but the game will only detect and give you rewards for 1 or 2 for the entire match (I tried to land low, high, in a 3 degree approach, at the beginning, middle and end of the runway, doing an objective or just spending ammo in a DF with and without the kill).

So, if you want higher rewards in an only aircraft option, the most effective solution right now is to do some objectives, approaching in a ninja style or away of the battle, maybe (not mandatory) to destroy one or two enemies when you’re leaving the target area and repeat. You’ll earn more money even if someone or something kills you (like the high tier AAAs), but, if you can find a “PVE only match” is going to be easier, faster and a more relaxing way to get a personal objective (maybe an airplane, a module) than a “normal” (DF only) match when is going to last almost the 2:30 hours without having the initial players at the end.

I don’t understand why so much hate to other players, if someone ask if the match is PVE oriented (has a DF person or not), I don’t mind to answer Yes or No, if they want to stay or leave the match is not going to affect my playstyle really, at the end everyone enjoy the game differently.


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You are a suicide bomber, landing give you reward and survive the 15 min (useful actions) give more reward too.

Sorry, but you are a pathetic zombie bomber