Game progression too fast

Right now I’m doing the event with the USA at 10.0 Ground (M3A3, Lav-AD, XM-1, MBT-70 and M1128), Germany 9.7 Ground and 12.3 Air (Rad, Leo L/44, Gepard 1A2 and Leo 2K and Mig-29G for Air) and USSR 11.7 Ground (T-90M, T-80BVM, Pants S1 and 2S38) and I’m getting really frustrated when playing GRB games. More than half the team is virtually useless. Their only point is to spend the enemy’s ammo.

3 matches ago I was on Maginot Line using the Rad 90, got 9 kills, capped the single point (in the middle) 2 times, we were winning and I suddenly get killed from behind. And I happen to take a look the the scoreboard. More than HALF the team with 0 kills, maybe an assist and at least a death, some with as many as 3 deaths (and 0 kills). The US, UK and France where on my team, so there’s no “GeRmAn MaIn SyNdRoMe”. How did they get to 9.7 with such low intelligence and 0 skills?

Same thing with the USSR, which is even worse since the match was a 11.7 game and again, more than half left with at most 2-3 assists, 0 kills, 0 caps and at least 2 deaths (at least they stick around more). Why are they 11.7? How did they get here without some skills a least? The answers is premium time/vehicle and too lax progression requirements.

What I propose is a) removal of the “research all previous tiers with 1 premium” thing (you can buy the Click Bait and research the entire tree… really?) b) implementing some kind of checks for reaching a rank/br (for example, cannot reach the VIth rank without let’s say 10K games or something and your most played vehicles at your tier (in this case 5th) being at most 1-3% in winrate below the norm, c) reduce premium vehicles RP income and increase SL income from them. Premium vehicles should be for making money, not progressing faster.

Thoughts, ideas, suggestions?


Your ideas basically would kill their income model and thus force them to find another way to monetize. Most likely by making the economy even worse for non-premium players to force more people to buy premium.


Horrible idea. RP progression takes too long as it is.


Gaijin isn’t going to stop selling premium vehicles. The larger issue is that premium vehicles are sold as singular things not offering a lineup.

Starting from 5.0 onwards premiums should only be sold in groups of 3 vehicles to support legitimate gameplay.


Not sure that $150+ packs are the solution


Yes selling singular vehicles without DCS’s modeling for $70 is inane. Sell a pack of 3 premiums for $70 and let people enjoy the game.


They wont do that. If they triple the amount per pack, they will triple the price.


I think most agrees that selling high tier vehicles is destroying the game, but it’s like Pandora’s box. There’s no closing it when the lid is off.
Can you imagine the outcry if peoples premium tanks was nerfed? Or any of the other ideas.
Personally, I think we’re stuck in this hell of incompetent players.


This might be the way to go…
1 vehicle for the price of a triple A game is nuts. Add more premium vehicles for (much) lower prices => players will be more likely willing to buy a full lineup…

I would like to see a “wallet warrior” premium MM, where only people with single vehicle (premium) lineups would be queued up together.
If they are allowing lvl 0 players to buy whatever they like in order to make money, at least contain it somehow so normal gameplay isn’t as affected.


So how many times does a player go out and get ten kills then the next game get none? I played 3 games last night. 11 kills in the first game ,4 in the second and one in the last. I have the occasional game with zero so how do you judge a player on one game? This was all mid-tier 5-6, same leaderboard, quite a few with no kills and many in squadrons. We have the same issue is all levels, low tier might be newbies but 6-7 should not be. Nothing stops CAS taking out the best players and some say you need no skill to do it.

I see plenty of game winners with level 20 or whatever. You can’t judge people on bad games and you won’t have a team of winners with high scores, always the chosen few. Sometimes I am the winner and many times the whipping boy. It says more about the random nature of war and the game itself.

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Derailing every tread here is the job of the stupid chihuahua. No need to step in and help. :)

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I agree regarding the chihuahua that is why he/she is on the blocked list but dont assume looking at a point from a different view is going off topic.

This is the OPs point. Just because you took nothing from the game does not mean you are unskilled more like unlucky or a victim of the games current faults of which there are many. So it is a post asking for ways to nerf the game based on a possibly skewed or just plain wrong presumption. So, it’s very much on topic.

Some people just need to have it underlined for them ;)

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The problem isn’t game progression. Its mismatched player skill indexing in the matchmaker.
It doesn’t matter what the BR is, its exaggerated at higher tiers as you note, but you see it at all levels. Often a couple of players have more kills than the rest of the team combined. If you look at the player cards and results you see that isn’t just a “good game”, but its consistent and they are usually “level 100s” who have been playing for years. If you think its boring and frustrating for them (you) imagine how it feels to get constantly stomped on.
The solution is for the matchmaker to index players based upon game performance. This will make the players more evenly matched and competitive.

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Found the 2S38 wallet warrior. Or is it the Turms warrior? Stop being a level 45 10.3 player and everything will be alright.

Takes too long? You cannot possibly believe that. I’ve seen tons of players with 1-2 top tier premiums (and the rest being close in BR), little if any knowledge on how to use them correctly get stomped and make us lose.

I’m not saying everyone should get 6 kills or whatever. That’s not possible. I get it, you may have a bad day or a bad hour or whatever. But more than half the team? The Maginot game with 10 kills (9 before being killed in the Rad) I gave as an example could have been won (yeah, we lost, I did not have enough time to get to the cap) if we had just 2 more decent players. Instead, it was 3 of us against 6 or 7 enemies, and I was the only one that lasted the most without any deaths. And yes, this was an exceptional match for me, I usually don’t get more than 6-7 on a good game and 2-4 usually.

Stock grind?
Trash 1 way map?
Full uptier?
The only consistent thing about WT that is it inconsistent


Dawg, Ive been playing since 2016, IDK what youre talking about. Gaijin already gimps the research rate enough, they dont need more reasons.

Can you reliably date this phenomena? How regular is it? You used the phrase wallet warrior like somebody who has never paid for anything in WT? I mean any paying player knows that there is no such thing as P2W ,if only there were.

I don’t see how your issue is BR related to be honest. I don’t see how being a good player surrounded by bad ones is a bad thing. We have good teams and bad teams, I have better games when I am a whole BR above anybody else.

I just think you are jumping to conclusions and demanding change when you have no evidence of the real issue . All too common fault on this forum is those with no real knowledge calling the shots for change in the game and the game ending up worse as a result.

Gaijin is forcing veterans to leave the game, we know that, we mock the Goodbye posts when we see them. We know Gaijin are irradicating map knowledge by changing long standing maps. Gaijin is becoming a home to the stupid like Disney or Netflix but game progression is hideous later on and expensive in time or even money by calling to make it harder you are playing into Gaijins hands…

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