Air RB base AAA is too op

I can barely fly over base to bomb it in 3k meters alt without being sniped by their AAA, have they been buffed or something? They need to nerf it.

It always starts to shoot at 5km.

I’d be in favour of decreasing the activation distance (down to 2.5km) if the deadliness is increased in the AA bubble.

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Sounds like you need to use your braincells more and do a little thing called climbing.

If you’re just auto-cruising at the alt you spawn at just trying to tap spacebar, you get what you deserve. Use your brain, be aware of your alt and your surroundings.

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Just wait a couple of days and it will get turned off without any notice.

You don’t have to climb into space. I can bomb even at 500 meters or lower. But sometimes I get hit by AA and die but many times only my plane get hit and I can stii fly back to airfield and repair or quit the battle.

AAA in middle of map will hit you if you are low and slow

My AA not even shooting at enemy when i take of the runway and get smacked so balanced that way i guess…

Airfield aaa is always deadly below 4km above ground level - at least at prop BRs. Have in mind that not on all maps the airfield is at sea level, therefore 4 km alt above ground level.

You might get away with lower alt attacks if you aim for the nearest point on the runway followed by a sharp turn away from the runway - but looking at your some of your used bombers this won’t work as they are not fast enough or have very low g- limits.

Frankly spoken: This is nonsense. I mean you flew around 200 times with bombers; if you die because you don’t understand basic game mechanics it looks actually quite disturbing that you ask for a nerf instead of asking yourself why thousands of pilots are not getting killed by af aaa.

It depends on prop BR vs jet BR, weather and approach speed. If 4 km above ground level is space for you i am not sure if this is a joke or not.