Addition of new countries

I have seen a lot of people asking for addition of new countries to war thunder.
Personally i want India to be added and i wanted to suggest the developers how that can be done.
Since most countries have got their millitary vehicles from major countries (like india has russian tanks), there can be sub - tech trees. These will allow players to continue off from major tech trees.
For example, if i want to play the indian tech tree, i will first have to play the russian tech tree (since india mostly has russian tanks in its tank arsenal) till i reach world war 2 tanks. After that the game will give me an option- whether i want to continue in the russian tech tree or in the indian tech tree or in any other sub tech tree which has russian tanks in its arsenal.
Its just same as when you need to reach rank 5 to play with helicopters.
I hope this helps (i dont know whether such an idea has been put up before, sorry if it already has been).
Thank you.

The problem is that an Indian tree would not be good. Even at higher tiers, India does not have solid lineups. Only at top tier air does the air tree have enough for effective CAS options and the tree suffers heavily from the little it does have being mostly copy-paste outside of the Arjun and a few other small vehicles.

Im just saying that this can also be done for other countries such as czechoslovakia

The subtree idea you’re proposing already exists for Hungary in Italy, Finland in Sweden, and South Africa in Great Britain, except it works better there because you can build proper lineups with the other vehicles from those trees. More subtrees like that will continue to be added.

Yes ik but then theres india in british tech tree which is not right considering indian tanks are of russian origin
Plus im proposing that this should be a choice. Players dont need to necessarily play with tanks modified by other countries when they only want to play their choice of country.

The general rule for adding subtrees is that if a country has very close ties with another country, the subtree will go there even if the vehicles are based off different countries. That’s why the Hungarian subtree has some Soviet vehicles and went to Italy and why Finland has vehicles from all over and went to Sweden.

Very well, but I’m just suggesting a connection in terms of the majority of vehicles a nation has from one country and not by how politically close they are.
As an indian it actually ticks me off to see indian tanks in britain considering we dont have a good history.

To be clear, I don’t think Indian tanks being in the British tree is good. I think it’s bad given their history. I just think it’s the least bad option gameplay-wise.

Anyway just saying

I think we just need to add the self-developed vehicles from India to the Soviet TT and omit the copied and pasted content

We don’t need new countries right now. We need gameplay overhauls for top tiers.

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It would be cool to see more sub trees, and Also to have them organized in the vehicle list in a more obvious way. It would also be awesome to have the option of filtering certain counties off of your veiwing list if you don’t want to play them.

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The whole TT thing just needs to be reworked, there are way too many vehicles in the game with hundreds of millions of RP required, half the things are copy paste and people who want to play top tier are forced to grind through a plethora of vehicles they don’t care about before getting stuck in the most obscene grind.

Trees should just follow the path of Israel and start at a higher BR so people can pick between starting at BR 1 or BR 7/8, which opens up a lot of room for decompression as well.
China shouldn’t even have a lower tree with how there is nothing of value in there.

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Nothing of value is purely your perspective; they might not have things that are unique in lower tiers but they do combine both US and Soviet vehicles for dynamic gameplay.


It would be more like how Finland is part of the Swedish tech tree or how South Africa is part of the British tech tree. India would most likely be placed under Britain. Russian copy-paste vehicles are starting to show up as much as American Lend-Lease vehicles in other trees.

Yeah, that would be nice. I most support something like this.

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We already have low level players buying top tier vehicles. Nothing would change.

Just add a Spanish tech tree :(

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I doubt a lot of people were that interested in this dynamic gameplay of copy paste vehicles opposed to getting to the vehicles that are actually new and interesting.

That is Gaijin’s choice to ruin the game like that.

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