Addition of new countries

According to your argument, most vehicles should not be added at all; Israel should not be here, and new countries should not be added because they will essentially be modifications of existing vehicles or the exact same thing. Unfortunately, it appears that more players believe otherwise.


I mean unless you’re a REALLY big fan of the Merkava or Magach… because then you can play the Magach, Magach, Magach, Magach, Magach, Magach, Magach, Magach, Magach, Magach, Magach, Magach, Magach and the Gal which is also a Magach.
At least you can also play the Merkava, Merkava, Merkava, Merkava, Merkava, Merkava, Merkava, Merkava and Merkava instead.

So I don’t think Israel should have been there, at least not without being combined with a different tree to make it more worthwhile.

more players believe otherwise

I mean not that many do.


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Do you have a Spanish tech tree proposal? Ah, only Pikpikker’s old one exists right now.

Hopefully, someone will make an updated modernized one.

Your reserve tanks would be the T-26 and the Pz. II I think. Your tree would be a mix of French, Italian, German, American, and Russian vehicles with a few unique Spanish designs thrown in. Your air tech tree would be no different. Spain would be the ultimate “try before you buy” tech tree even more so than China. I don’t disagree that Spain deserves a place in War Thunder though.

100% true.


Thats right
However if gaijin removes those countries, there will be a massive backlash especially considering the ongoing war between israel and palestine which will make this removal controversial and gaijin will obviously try to avoid that
However many people want vehicles from their countries to be added ignoring the fact that those are just slightly modified versions of pre existing vehicles. Since there are already many people that want their countries to be added, i also joined the crowd hoping to get india in a seperate sub tech tree leading me to make this post.
In the end i agree with you but we are not the developers and can merely suggest.