New nation - India! (with Pakistan subtree)

He probably meant indian Su30 to USSR and Pakistani JF17 to China and Tejas to UK.

Adding Pakistan to India will be like Ukrainian to Russian atm…



And please stop adding crap vehicles from 60/70s and becouse they so bad their BR going to 4.0-5.0.

Agreed, but India itself could very well be served without Pakistan


I have already said how india can be added without having to directly start at high br:

So, India is coming!

We have t90 bhisma and vijayanta in british tech tree and now jaguar (fighter jet) is coming.

Matters because i don’t want to give my life to the snail. I do want a family too. Idk abt you but I’m human. And would like nations in WT to have the vehicles they had irl

I think India is staying in the UK tree

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An Indian plane is coming, not India itself.

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But it is clear what gaijin’s intention is. As they are saying they will add more Commonwealth vehicles in the UK tree, India is likely to say in UK tree.

I mean sure, but until there is a sub- or independent tree announcement it would be wrong to say that India is in the game.

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India IS in the game, more accurately in progress of getting in the game but as a sub tree.

However, none of the three vehicles are in the regular TT. It’s easier to hide them later, because it’s easier to replace them this way. So, in my opinion, they will be there temporarily (although that could mean a long time).

By the way, just out of curiosity, how are relations between India and Bangladesh?

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Though we have very good relations with India but we don’t have any defence relations with India. We can’t add Bangladesh as the sub tree of India since most of our equipments are Chinese.


I don’t think that’s a problem…but, idk.

Well i just hope UK don’t get hands on our French Deltas,… (namely Rafale and Mirage 2000)

The SA ones maybe