A match without our big bro USA?

hey hey hey hey everybody is playing the same mind games bro remember that if we let one particular group making way too much noises, then gaijin is going to hear their noises and think it is a problem that needs to be fixed, then they will start listening to them and further buff their vehicles again (example, Abrams received another 1 second reload buff because, realistic bro achievable irl bro), then what will happen to USSR mains with skill issues like us? example: me?, my T-72s will continue to suffer because we are not making any noises and gaijin will think we are OK with our vehicle performance, we actually need an equal amount of noises to cancel each other’s whine lol, remember that both sides need to do their job to protect their interests, to make everything perfectly balanced, as all things should be…

You know what’s crazy? Abrams mains didn’t ask for a 5 sec reload, they asked for good armor even if Gaijin listened and gave it its irl armor and push the reload to 7 sec we wouldn’t have a problem but somehow they did that to make us grateful “shut up and take a 5 sec reload”

Its mobility is not much better, nor is the reload. Sure, 5 seconds will give you an advantage over Leos, T-72s/T-80s, and Arietes, but it’s not going to change much if you get a 4-second reload. It still has no armor (especially against autocannons), worse turret traverse, and worse depression and elevation (even with hydraulics, it’s finicky). In every metric outside of reload and thermals (where Gen 2 is good enough), the Type 10 is, at best, equal to or worse than most Abrams.


I heard it can do 3.5 seconds for the first 7 rounds, I don’t know which Abrams variant, so if we let USA mains making way too much noise then keep quiet about it, then the next thing you know is they will get their buff, I don’t pretend like Gaijin never listen, they do listen and look what happens to br of certain aircraft, they make a separate one which breaks certain line up because they are now forced to uptier their ground by .3 just to have that broken jet in their line up lol I have no issues with it because, fuck CAS that’s why.

Honestly, you would want that 4 seconds reload instead of the armor if you adopt a certain playstyle, that Abram will make the Type 90 and TKX completely irrelevant, if I have to choose one I wouldn’t pick the armor because you rarely bounce one at 11.0+ anyway, still the current Abrams can tank some bad placed shots more than the brits or japs lol

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Honestly i would take the armor, that’s how Sweden control TOP TIER, because you gotta shoot twice or 3 times to it sides, and maybe with good luck you can one shot it but anyways i don’t think the Abrams gonna get a buff the silence from them is saying “deal with it”, and some clowns here in this forum saying be grateful? buddy for what? for getting stomped on and getting drafted with Britain and Cartoon made tank Israel?

I’ve gotten 8 kills easily yesterday with the SEPV2, how? because Russian mains are so brainless they just hold W and shoot while moving, then i died to a su25sm3 that’s all what they can do, their SPAA is op and CAS.

I can argue that T-80s has more freedom to do more things without getting taxed like the T-72s or T-90M, despite having a slightly more gun depression than the T-80s, there isn’t many things they can do due to the lousy reverse speed, in other words you can’t do much except hodl W and hope the armor bounce a shot or two, unlike Abrams and Leopard 2, you can do a lot of things with that mobility and gun handling which is limited for most russian MBTs, summer sales are around the corner, you can grab some Leo2 or Russian MBTs many claim it is overperforming, to finally find out that they have their own struggles lol you will find yourself in a situation where you wish you are in the Abrams, like me missing my Abrams when I got my breech/barrel damaged in my T-80 and wish I can pop some smoke and reverse at 38kph.

Playing Russian 11.7 is not all sunshine and rainbows, you know you are fucked when the enemy team has Germany and Sweden which is 7 out of 10 matches.

T80BVM has quite good reverse speed comparing with other soviet tanks, i consider it really good and i might grind for it when the summer sales comes in, but yeah thanks to Russian Engineering they forgot about something called reverse gear and focused on putting tons of ERA around the tank and pray to not hit the carrousel, they have some really good speed when it comes to going forward, they always reach A and capture it before us and we always find them next to spawn somehow while the SEPV2 is like an obese american citizen.

Sometimes they crush Sweden and Germany, but they leave after 1 death, and leave the team to rot fighting against SU25SM3,Pantsir, and a bunch of t80s

No one is saying that

I can at least think of reasons to justify that like reload, reverse and total crew/survivability

No amount of Deep Fried Butter and Bud Light can excuse thinking the Centauro is better than the SEP V1 Abrams and by extension makes Italy better at top tier than the US.

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Everybody is saying that maybe open eyes?

Reload doesn’t matter if you get one shot at, reverse maybe you can switch places, crew survivability? never heard of that my crew dies easily compared to the BVM.

Centauro yesterday survived a shot straight to the hull that what can’t the abrams do unfortunately, luckily i’ve been able to reload faster than him.

Winrates are already better than US and after the update they would go ever higher with the addition of another 2a7

Everybody = Alviswisla? Also he said “One of the best”

One of the best =/= the best

Cool excuses and anecdotes bro

On TS the Merkavas have higher W/Rs than US despite being permanently attached to them and being worse vehicles.

Mirage 2000 isn’t called Su-25SM3, dude.

T-80BVM isn’t even top ten.
You have to be Russian or love Russia to put T-80BVM in the top ten.

The fact you think HSTVL is called 2S38 is hilarious.

Your posts push more love of Russian than everyone else on the planet.

All m saying is facts buddy, centauro have alot of empty spaces your APFDS can just go through it if you shoot to the hull.

Nah not alvis, he can’t say anything like this because he’s an employee.

Not permanetly, they might play with Russia against US and with germany against US.

T80BVM is top three.

Oh again with the schizophrenia.

I think alvis means that by putting the BVM you are falsely saying that it is one of the top MBTs.

I can’t say how true it is, but that response isn’t appropriate.

Because it is one of the TOP MBTs? it’s at top three after 2a7 and STRVB+

He’s acting like one?? just watch how he reponse when somebody acuse him of something he turns the other guy’s words and acuse him of something he didn’t even say, i guess that’s schizophrenic.

Ain’t they going to model the autoloader module, which technically makes the USSR top-tier mbts more prone to “oh shit I can’t fire my gun again” due to a hit to the module? which is technically a big nerf lol I don’t know what will happen to all T-72s/T-80s series once the update goes live, and also French tanks in general. Goddamn bro the Leopard 2 going to be even more meta lol

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I think the shell in the breech is still able to be fired so who really knows how much of a nerf this is

I’m not expecting much beyond more modules for playing repair simulator

Its ok Gajin will give it another meaningless buff and not adress the real issue


No its bad.

26% win rate is good huh

I didn’t mention team skill, so not sure why you’re bringing up team skill.