A match without our big bro USA?

I agree generally, but everyone seems to think the Abrams getting a 5 second reload makes it OP.

I mean true, but that’s what Gaijin has turned the Abrams into as well.

The rotation speed is probably the biggest issue, but the gun depression/elevation isn’t too bad, and arguably the mobility helps with the rotation speed.

The abrams, especially M1A2 has drastically better armour than Type 10. If you disagree, then you dont know what you are talking about.

Its virtually the exact same? Turn speed is the same for both tanks so the type 10 does not compensate with “extra mobility” if its acceleration is gimped.

Might as well say they are the same vehicle at this point only difference is the turret cheeks and the crew size really. I play both the same they are both good but not as good by a long shot as the 2a7