A match without our big bro USA?

USA confirmed worse than minor nations, they are irrelevant now.


And it is, it’s so bad that in some moments, if they’re the majority in a match I just think “We’re going to lose this.”

And I’m not even kidding, sometimes I know that or I’ll lose the match or I’ll win if they’re on the enemy team,

To you see how bad is USA now in-game.

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USA aint bad just not used right


which server u playing on bruh?

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I personally love getting matches without the Bias-Coded Ivan nation in it.

Means the match is actually fairly balanced, for a change.


My guy the 2 best tanks in game are the 2A7V and 122B+
T-90M is good but not OP and w is far from the best in the spall liner centric Top Tier GRB meta

They are the best Air/AAA nation in ground, but tanks wise are just fine


Yeah sorry about that I was playin’ 'Merica for the D-day event last week.
Next week Sweeeeden is gonna suck.

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So I’ve been keeping track of my stats at top tier for a little while now out of curiosity. What I have discovered.

Out of 108 games where it was the US vs Russia and Germany, the US has won 43 of them

Out of 46 US and Germany vs Russia games, the US and Germany has won 19 of them

Out of 42 Russia and US vs Germany games, Russia and the US have won a whooping… 5.

So I’d rather it be the US vs Everyone, as generally that is when we do the best (and we get Minor nation players who generally speaking have more skill and knowledge)

Now of course it sucks losing so much but I cannot do much about it as even if I alone do well I cannot make up for the rest of my team.

I’ve noticed sometimes US get drafted with Israel and Britain against Sweden,Russia,Germany and they rarely win against those, you can scout, kill 5-10 and capture and it wouldn’t be enough to stop them.

Yeah. It’s because you can’t. Luckily the new premiums will hopefully be a HARD nerf to their top tiers.

Too many premiums i guess, kvts clickbaits damn those are money making machines to Gaijin they wouldn’t do shit.

Yes. Generally speaking the AIM destroyed US top tier, and the Clickbait only highlighted the issue. Much as the 2 PL did back in the day. So.


AIM players are absolute braindead people, a guy one time pushed me down a hill i ended up drowning, it’s mostly other nations mains that get the AIM and flood US top tier.

One of the reasons why I think that having USA on allied side is a bad thing. Not in 100% of the cases obviously.

I’ve played several battles most of them i get drafted with Germany and Sweden somehow we end up losing, Russian tanks just hold W and shoot and YAY 2 min into the match and they’re at your spawn, but people still call US teams bad while there’s like 3 US players in our team including me, most of our team got alot of leopards and 4 strvs.

One thing Ive noticed that contributes to the problem is people will see they are on a team with the US, and the moment they die, leave. They have no desire to continue playing because they believe they will lose, and they won’t try again. Not always, but too often for it to be a random chance.

So it’s a self fulfilling prophecy. I’m paired with the US, I give up, we lose. And hey! It was with the US so clearly it’s their fault we lost

Of course it doesn’t help that the US has a fair share of premium/squadron vehicle players, which makes it worse. But also allows a scapegoat, and allows people to simply blame not trying or not doing well on the US.

I hate when people blame US mains of skill issue while they literally play against full spall liners tanks while they get drafted with Israel and Britain, no offense to these nations but we all know that the tanks are super bad.

Also i’ve seen alot of Russian,Germans,Sweden players leave after 1 death at top tier, and they push blatantly and die but somehow only US that get blamed, but yeah anyways this forum is lost + there’s alot of US players that are super good at playing the Abrams, but yeah every nation got good and bad players.


We should make bingo cards for these threads.

US players have always been like this ,i mean had this reputation ,in Betas they were lawnmovers ,after Tanks got into game it has been “Muh Jumbo”…

Entire Russian team caved after the first engagement.