1 Death Leavers - Post economy Experience

Step 1: Click to battle (Germany 10.3)
Step 2: Join a match
Step 3: Spawn in Leo-2A4
Step 4: wait 30 seconds in bush killing 2 tanks / GO and play the OBJ
Step 5: Open score board and see 10/15 friendly players have disconnected
Step 6: cower in fear as 11+ players + CAS are now bombing and annihilating you in spawn 3 min into the match
Step 7: “No players active on team”
Step 9: Repeat

This has been my experience with 9.7-11.7 GROUND RB as of late as people still just leave after one death, honestly really ruins the experience for me and is quite irritating considering these people just leave after dying once, I get it “repair costs duuuh” but in reality that shouldn’t be a problem anymore after the update as I’ve been on a consistent increase in SL even after a loss.

Why do people just leave after one death? I dont understand it, CAS / HELI / DRONE spam is understandable but getting outplayed in a tank doesn’t seem like a good reason to throw the entire team into a uphill battle.


Wonder why.

Well, it’s the standard 90% thing, some people either cannot play the game or are not willing to remain in the match after getting a bad first spawn.
I recommend getting used to it, that BR bracket is a mess for a reason, ground and air combined.
Even after they gave free backups with premiums it hasn’t really changed either, probably never will. ( I’ve been pushing for separate matchmaker for people with lineups that have 80% or more premiums so that they don’t ruin the experience for everyone but their own kind)

100% understandable

Unfortunately that’s all its been as I’ve been 11.7 in USA / GERMANY / USSR for a couple years now and that’s all it is!
at this point I only enjoy 6.7-7.7 now and have for a long time.


Terrible map.

Full uptiered for the 10th time in 2 hours

Team is throwing and I can tell

Game is already decided

The bugs that force me to restart my game, many appearing on 1st spawn immediately.

Last but not least...I'm playing a new premium.

I could probably get another but you get the point

I do indeed, it just baffles me on the amount of people who leave, on average its 9/15 ppl who leave.

Almost as if there’s no one to contest them.

Game decided makes sense.
Uptiers I relish personally, but I can respect it.
Maps… sometimes. Italy ain’t fun.
For me, most common one death leave is cause IRL stuff happened.

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Almost as if there is no contest.

I play with premium vehicles and don’t ODL. What I do is help teammates with repairs, extinguish fires, provide covering fire, PTO and kill the enemy all while trying to survive.

Not sure where the hate for those of us who play with premiums comes from considering we keep the lights on.

Now if Gaijin had a way to lump the ODL crowd into a separate group and have them play each other then I’d be good with that, otherwise your suggestion of lumping players with premium lineups into matches is nonsense.

I also leave air battles if ANY teamkilling happens on my team.
I don’t want to play with teamkillers.

  1. Not willing to learn the game
  2. Spending GE to buy their way up, realising that lack of game skill / vehicle knowledge / map knowledge can not be bought
  3. Cost of repair not being something to worry about (anymore)
  4. ““I am better, how did he kill me? MUST BE A HACKER!!!””
  5. "“RU Bias” - No, only vehicle you can claim bias on is the IS-6 and Su25. T55+ you kill the exact same way.
  6. Poor line-up - Running into battle with 5 x 5.7 and 1 x 11.3 Squadron vehicle
  7. Trolling
  8. All of the above.