You will be captured ARB

I soft landed on enemy forward runway. Bottom left i had a timer on my screen saying “you will be captured in xx:xx” am i missing something?

You landed on the D point.


No? You’re on the enemy runway, so they will capture you. Whats to miss?


I never seen it before, have you?

Yes, I have

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I have haha. I ended up running out of fuel in a dogfight. The enemy plane returned to the main base and I was trying to loft my way back, I realized I wasn’t going to get far so I landed on the smaller runway. It was a good landing too 🤣. Free plane and pilot for the enemy.


Does it do anything? Do you still count as killed?


Would be cool if you could capture the forward airbase and turn AAA of tt main base, sort of bait the airfield campers out

Hundreds of military personel on the airfield when a single fighter lands on it:


Hmm…yes and no. The idea of a pilot single handedly capturing a manned airfield is a bit odd ^^

Gameplay: yes
Realism: absolutely not!

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Precisely what happened to Sydney Cohen:


With in range of a country as capable as you, it would be your safest option. you lot makee me lol if you think having an airfield so close is realistic. There is only 1 country in the world that was capable of doing so

In Air RB, both teams are usually equipped symmetrically, so they both share the same capabilities. So the question remains: why should the soldiers on an airfield, which usually include air force infantry, surrender to one pilot, who is sitting in his aircraft without any considerable personal arsenal?

You want realistic. If your enemy was able to let a single fighter land on your forward AF, what state do you think your airforce is in?. Do you think there would be any personal left? I think they wouid scutter.

It realistic for you when it suit’s

I did this one time and took off again because an enemy was about to strafe me in their own airfield. I clutched the rest of the game. It was when the airfield AAA was bugged and could not fire. Here’s the video btw:

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Would be fun 😆

This happened in real life. Mostly damaged planes or pilots that wanted to surrender. Sometimes they landed at enemy airfields due to navigational errors, but the results were always the same. The aircraft’s crew would always be captured.

You’re argument is its not realistic but it is. The forward airfield is not managed, there is no AAA, there is no life there, it is abandoned with some stores left behind that you can rearm and repair your damaged aircraft. So show me evidence of these personal because i have never seen any.

You dont even play ARB so why are you arguing about a game mode you dont participate in? I think you want to keep it boring with no dynamics. Are you a fan of camping behind AAA when the match is lost

Lol, I do play ARB. xD
I have thousands of matches in that mode.