XM800T - A Fast Bradley Predecessor

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Following the failure of the M114, a new reconnaissance vehicle was needed. One of the answers was the XM800 Armored Reconnaissance Scout Vehicle (ARSV), for which two contracts were awarded: One to FMC for a tracked vehicle, the XM800T, and one to Lockheed for a wheeled vehicle, the XM800W. Unfortunately, both of these vehicles ended up being cancelled and superseded by the Bradley. This suggestion will focus on the XM800T.

The XM800T was a tracked light vehicle intended for scouting. It weighed 8618 kg (around 9.5 tons) loaded, and used a Detroit Diesel Allison 6VT-53T engine, which was a version of the Sheridan’s engine tuned down to 270-280 hp for better reliability. This gave it an excellent power-to-weight ratio of around 29 hp/ton. The top speed was 88.5 km/h and the reverse speed was 40.23 km/h. On top of this, the vehicle was fully amphibious with a swimming speed of 7.2 km/h.


The vehicle’s light weight was achieved by using light armor made of aluminum alloys. The vehicle was operated by 3 crew members. It was fully stabilized and fully turreted, coming equipped with a laser rangefinder. I do not know if it had thermals, but from what I understand, it had some form of ground radar (though I do not know the specifications for it). The main gun is a 20mm M139 autocannon. This is a US-built version of the Hispano-Suiza HS.820/Oerlikon KAD, the same gun as found on the R3 T20 FA-HS. It had access to APDS, the same as is available for the Wiesel 1A4, Marder 1A3, SUB-I-II, and Type 87 RCV (P). It also had a roof mounted M60 7.62mm machine gun.

In War Thunder, I see the XM800T as being a counterpart to the Wiesel 1A4. Though bigger, it boasts a full turret with a stabilizer and a higher top speed. On top of this, it’s amphibious and may potentially have a type of ground radar. It would have the same ammunition, but uses the slightly faster firing Oerlikon KAD.

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My old suggestion for the vehicle has a list of additional sources as well that had more information, but unfortunately several of the links don’t work anymore:


I’ve been looking for someone to bring this up eventually, seeing this think with the LAW missile would be amazing, if you are looking for some other stuff on it I know of a PDF that was of the US testing the Strv 103 that had it listed on the documents.

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That thing is adorable! I want it! +1

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Here it is, it’s on the 5th page, not notarized as the XM-800T though but as a different model, XM-808TB, it might be a separate tank tbh

I believe that one is referring to the XM808 Twister. It’s an 8 wheeled articulated armored car, a little closer to the XM800W but still definitely its own thing. Similar parameters though it seems like.

Yeah, after reviewing and looking at it, I believe that is the case, I will try to find some more on it though.