Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 2)

Keep in mind that leak lists don’t have everything, that’s not how this works.

At the same time, the 8th and 9th being a holiday didn’t stop them last year. (Le Malin (X 82) and Bravy devblogs)

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Really, really important qualifying word there:

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I think the two took it to DM’s so were all good… For now.

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mostly joking on that part xD, but u see what i mean^^

Chill, we were joking ^^

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Aand here 's proof that MWT:TB and WT are sharing models in both directions - that was fast !
( )

XM800T, one of the vehicles leaked on Baidu.


Remember ☝️

British main and canadian main complaining is always on topic 🫡

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its funny that if britain got the same treatment as sweden for the Mi28A and the king tiger that the uk could be the only other nation in game to get the F117 nighthawk

god no if you look closer they made the 2 tails in a distinct S shape on the german one
they chose an Iron cross when they should’ve chosen a Tatzenkreutz
got the gray helmet and the Black/gold holster too, we abandoned those in 1957
could’ve made it Luftwaffenkater but no, fck grammer let’s use Luftwaffe-Kater

it’s so horrible, I’m honestly surprised that a company was looking for government contracts with this bs

im genuinely impressed how hard you could fck this up

I find both to be very fine

“Canadian foreign ministry officials were instructed to convince the new interim Iranian government that a lack of parts for the relatively new Tomcats would keep them grounded and unusable. It would be too costly to reverse-engineer the large jet, and without any external support, upgrading them would be a completely hopeless venture.”

Oh my god, Canadians gaslighting the Iranians into giving up their most advanced fighter will never not be funny to me XD

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YEEEEESSSSS it’s happening!

It’s like a nasty divorce between Germany and the US so we’re in the middle of it lmao

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couldn’t do it tho

Lil skrtskrt-mobile :D

There are a lot of vehicles in that trailer that could feasibly come to War Thunder

that games fictional vehicles give me an aneurysm

thats the MBDA Meteor prototype in early fase they called the Meteor for that name.

speaking of the british F117 apparently just like japan america actually made a full variant just for the uk

“The later version offered to the Royal Air Force in 1995 was the F-117C. The aircraft was to be a baseline F-117A fitted with British avionics and EJ200 engines, plus a number of BAE structural components or sub-assemblies.”

wasn’t the 117 like 20 years old at that point in time?