Vehicles for USA next update

Ahhh your right there. Do you know if it does? Bc if it does then I’d see it at like 8.0, and at that point it could be a event vehicle. If it’s lower might be able to get it as a BP vehicle, but I kinda doubt it. You know outside the option of it being TT

No clue at all sadly, if it does and lacks a TOW I could see it at the same BR as the Type 87 RCV, the one with the 20mm which also has a stab but is a wheely boi.

With a basic TOW but no stab, yeah I could see it sitting right next to the marders, with a stab + TOW, I dunno, the M3 is at 8.0 and would be a direct upgrade in pretty much every respect.

It really comes down to just how it plays I guess for + or - from around 7.7.


I found out about a F16 variant called the F16XL. It’s a delta wing F16. I’m not sure what role it has but it could be put in game as an event vehicle, squadron vehicle or in the regular tech tree.

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I’d really love to see the F-16 XL because i think it would fit pretty good in the current state of the game. There are some pictures of it carrying aim-9’s, aim-120 amraams and and 12 mark 82 500lb bombs.

OP in this thread says it did have a stab + lrf, so without TOW I’d think of it as comparable to Wiesel. Would probably sit lower than 7.3 though, since XM800T has a larger profile due to manned turret, and supposedly lacks thermals.

Makes sense, although as stated prior, the 20mm progressively gets less useful as you inch closer to 7.0 given the proliferation of heavy tanks in and around that BR.

I feel like it would need some tweaking regardless of where it gets added.

I’ve been ruined mentally and will never return to what I was before


USS Rizzi

USS Ohio

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Lmao, if any of these are added, I’m making a meme name navel line up

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I’d hope both are, it’s a downsized Mitscher and an old bote…

Plus, imagine the PR.

I showed my friend the Gyatt, and he was dying on the floor for a few minutes in the middle of class

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Not related to this topic but why can the M163 not float? Could it not irl, is it a bug or smthng else

The M163 is heavier and has a higher centre of gravity than the base M113 which is basically an empty box. Although it can be made amphibious it requires more effort and additional side and front mounted flotation cells which aren’t fitted as standard. In contrast the early M113 could float with minimal preparation and no extra equipment.

Both types, as well as related models, had the standard amphibious capability removed as they gained weight with the various upgrades over time. They can still ford deep water but can nolonger swim freely.

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Ok good to know, thank you.

no its not a bug I only know of 4 ships in the US tt that can float 3 of them are 3 different versions of the lvt


It would not fit currently. It is more akin to an F-15E than anything currently available

New attack aircraft 11.7 (Air RB) ~ 12.3 BR (Ground RB) with armed IR AAM only but very good targeting pod and guidance Air-to-Ground munitions

A-10C (refit 2015 ~ 2017)

AV-8B Night Attack

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Reminder that said floatation cells are present on the vehicle, per gaijin it is because the front splash plate has to be manually deployed.

This is why no M113s in game can currently float which is frankly rather stupid.

Would be cool to get more howitser/tank destroyer type vehicles.
For example:

  • M7 Priest self propelled artillery
    (Don’t know why this isn’t already in the game, seems like it would work in the ww2 era of the game)

  • M53/M55 self propelled artillery
    ((M55)Light armour, around 50kmh, 10 shells when fully loaded. Belgian version could be added for a german sub tree)

  • M40 self propelled artillery
    (A 155mm that would be a nice addition to add some diversity)

  • M44 self propelled howitser (with the .50)
    (Also could be added to germany)

  • M110 self propelled howitser
    (Another meme-able platform that could be added to multiple nations)

  • M92 self propelled howitser
    (Yes 240mm is a bit overkill but would be funny)

Some of them might only be usable when stationary but platforms like the M7, M44 and the M53/M55 would be a cool addition.