Vehicles for USA next update

Considering they foldered the M1919 and the M42 SPAAs, part of me has a hunch that next update the US will receive a new ~5.0 range SPAA.

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That’s an M1134, not LAV-ATA1
the LAV-AT has a folding turret from the M901 or M901A1

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ERA is part of the BUSK kit. Every Bradley can accept that. The main difference is the Stinger missiles in place of the TOW launcher and the fire control system is geared more towards air defense.


So it would be as an AA, right

Oh right

I speculated in a different thread the next US SPAA would be the M114 with the 20mm M139, in the same way as the SUB and AMX-10 for Japan and France

There’s also the omega cursed option that is the XM808


I’d like to see the M114 at 5.7 as a counterpart to SUB I-II, and eventually both XM808 and XM800 at 6.3-7.3 as a Wiesel counterpart, a SPAA with scouting.

The other more conventional XM800:

The “twister” makes sense as a event vehicle of some sort, while the conventional is more fit for researchable TT.


The T58 heavy would be an absolute ultimate monster tank to buff the 7.7 U.S. heavy lineup which is comprised of only the T32 and M103.

All frustration of having a long reload and medium calibre performance is gone as this thing fires 155mm HEAT or HESH at an astonishing 2.3 second reload with a six-drum autoloading drum. While also having upwards of 127mm~ of cast armour for both the turret and hull.

Imagine the French Somua or Sublindè on steroids equipped with the T30’s cannon and you essentially have this thing:



Given how they butchered T54E1’s reload from ~33 RPM to 12 RPM, I have no doubts the T58 will reload slower than a contemporary French oscillating-turret tank, despite having a better autoloader.






Love the XM800, if I recall correctly too there was a concept of a turret with a single TOW tube attached as well, could be a great predecessor to the M3 in the tech tree, much akin to how it was IRL.

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There is also the Cadillac Gage Commando series of ultralight’s (6x6, loosely similar to the BTR series of IFVs) and the LAV-300 or -600 (a -300 w/ turret off the Stingray Light tank) that may be worth consideration.

and whatever the hell this thing was supposed to be


I feel like it could in theory fit as the US counter part as like the marder or something 😉. Maybe like 7.7 or something?

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If it gets a TOW sure, if not, no.

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Well yeah, if it was added, and got a tow, then it could be 7.7ish. If not I agree with 5.7

Even though the 5.7 lineup is disappearing…

Question would also be, does it have a stab for the gun as well, frankly being at a higher BR would mean that it would face tanks with less armor, and even with APDS 20mm does not fair that well against WW2 heavy tanks and such.

Ahhh your right there. Do you know if it does? Bc if it does then I’d see it at like 8.0, and at that point it could be a event vehicle. If it’s lower might be able to get it as a BP vehicle, but I kinda doubt it. You know outside the option of it being TT

No clue at all sadly, if it does and lacks a TOW I could see it at the same BR as the Type 87 RCV, the one with the 20mm which also has a stab but is a wheely boi.

With a basic TOW but no stab, yeah I could see it sitting right next to the marders, with a stab + TOW, I dunno, the M3 is at 8.0 and would be a direct upgrade in pretty much every respect.

It really comes down to just how it plays I guess for + or - from around 7.7.


I found out about a F16 variant called the F16XL. It’s a delta wing F16. I’m not sure what role it has but it could be put in game as an event vehicle, squadron vehicle or in the regular tech tree.

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