WW2 only modes

We need a game mode were only WW2 vehicles can participate, like no race cars, no HEATslingers, no Post War jets.


Could you explain what is the issue with HEAT shooting tanks?

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Should we tell him that HEAT shells were invented and used in ww2?


no let him think he right i drink the tears of the damn


No, he will might panic. he can be dangerous in that situation!

Btw he has like 20% win rate with the Tiger 2… Average wehraboo…


Another one who thinks Germany is suffering.


Simulator Battles?

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You can already do that by playing 1.0 to 4.0 BR games and except few vehicles you shouldnt see anything post war.

Having fully historical MM would be an interesting event to try, but it should not be added. It would lead to the top WWII vehicles clubbing anything else.

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Performance based matchmaker is fine. WT is not a historical RP game. If you want that experience in WT at all costs, you do have options. Like joining the “ultrasim” Discord server (first one that comes to mind, there are others). It looks like a very interesting change of pace.

There is more to War Thunder than just random battles. Custom events allow you to find pretty much any roleplay avenue you can think of.

Isn’t it very obvious that the OP is speaking about HEAT-FS slingers?

Average German player.




You actually think winrates matter when your teammates are the bottom of the barrel.

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+1 i like the idea
WW1 & WW2 & late WW2 / Cold war and late cold war / modern war so basically dynamic matchmaking !

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What? I don’t understand that do you mean with that.

It should be, but people will always look for something to strawman.

No, I want a normal matchmaker that just excludes all post WW2 vehicles, I dont want to organize for custom battles, I want the normal game but without all the HEATFS and racecar nonsense.

To be fair, play literally anything from 4.0 to like 6.7, and youll pretty much be facing exclusively WW2 vehicles, or at least early post-war designs that still use conventional rounds. I think you’re just playing at the wrong BR hun-

Even if you did something like this, it wouldn’t be a whole MODE. It would just be that it wouldn’t put you into games with cold war vehicles in them. But the ones that weren’t would still have people who didn’t choose that setting mixed in as well, unlike a separate mode. A mode just unnecessarily increases queues for no reason versus the alternative that would give you everything you wanted.

That said, I don’t think it’s worth even a matchmaker rule like that, either. Cold war vehicles are fine, as long as the BR system is used properly. They will be no more effective than WWII vehicles they’re up against at the same BR.

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