With the AIM-120A confirmed* will we be getting the R-27EA/EM?

With the addition of the JAS 39, F-15 and F-16 it is pretty much confirmed that in the next patch or one after we will get the AIM-120A. I personally think the R-77 will be way too overpowered against an AIM-120A. So the R-27EA/EM would be a better match. I don’t know much about russian aircraft so feel free to correct any of my statements (without being offensive).

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Early model r77s won’t be as overpowered as most people thi k it would still have worse kinematic performance than r27


no no, I mean the R-27EA/EM, some of their earliest ARH missiles. Not how OP will the R-77 be

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I guess R-27EA & R-27EM equivalent AIM-120C-5 & AIM-120C-7 AMRAAM

Unsure MiG-29SMT (9-19) armed R-27EA ? 🤔

Gaijin has said they plan to introduce Fox-3s for all nations at the same time. This is objectively a good decision. AIM-120A wasn’t exported, but the moderately upgraded AIM-120B was. So if we get the A model it’ll almost certainly be the same update as the B, and the B is extremely equivalent to the R-77.
AFAIK no active versions of the R-27 actually saw service.
So we will not be seeing AIM-120A (USA) vs R-27EA (USSR), but AIM-120B (Most nations) vs R-77 (USSR+China) vs MICA-EM (France). And considering the massive advantage Fox-3 offers over Fox-1, it’s not going to be all that soon, summer 2024 would be my guess.


Wouldn’t the R-27EA be a lot better than the early R-77 except in G tolerance by like 5gs?
Also I’m pretty sure the R-27EM is SARH just like the R-27ER but with enhanced low altitude performance.

The R-27EM is an ARH R-27 with a 9B-1103K active seeker and a range of 170 km

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What’s the source for that?
Edit: nvm it’s quite a interesting one

“ R-27EM is part of the Su-33 armament and is used against Tomahawk cruise missiles and Harpoon-type anti-ship missiles at a minimum height of 3m above the water surface. It is equipped with an ARGSN with a two-stage guidance system - inertial with radio correction with the transition to active radar homing at the end of the flight. The firing range in the ZPS is 170km, in the PPS - 110km.”

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No one said Fox-3 is coming in next . Chill out. They can still add fox-3 only planes with fox-1’s, just like what’s before. Its gaijin in the end of the day.

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Yeah, so it behaves pretty much like an amraam

Personally, the AIM-120A/B should’ve been added with the R-27ER. Russia (and Russian exports) do not need an equivalent to the AIM-120A/B because it is already in the game.



Gaijin Entertainment Confirmed that they are working on Fox-3 missiles → YES

Did they confirm the arrival of those missiles at the next Big-Update → NO (at least not yet)

Is the OP jumping on Announcement and deduced something different from what is announced → YES

No, I’m not dickhead. I’m saying that FOX-3 missiles are confirmed.

it is pretty much confirmed that in the next patch or one after we will get the AIM-120

Gimme a proof of Gaijin Staff saying those are confirmed for THIS very Next patch,…

Until then you can simply say whatever ineptic shit you want,… nothing is confirmed.

In the air superiority dev stream. iirc, they said something like “its coming sooner than you think”. Which could mean March or June.

(59 mins: https://youtu.be/5HZ2KNmLeQ8?t=3536)

We also know that Sweden is getting the Gripen C in March.

One possible reason for Sweden Getting the Gripen C in March instead of this update alongside Britain, is that the Swedish Gripen C will be arriving with AMRAAM in March.

It is speculation, but it is a reasonably good assumption. Either way, if not March, then almost certainly June. (Unless something gets delayed)

But the original post does raise a good question, because truth is, its going to be really hard to balance all ARH fairly. Look at the mess R-27ER has been. Dont really want a repeat of one nation getting a missile that renders all others useless.

Early AMRAAM’s are only about on par with the ER. IIRC less range, but ARH seeker, but also unless you maintain data-link they should be about as easy to dodge as something like an AIM-54.

I’ve heard that even the early R-77’s are on-par with early AMRAAM. I’d be more worried about the possibility of the R27EA which would just be straight up better than an early AMRAAM/R-77 with a longer range, better kinematics and an ARH seeker.

Also the possibility of the Mirage 2K getting 4 MICA which within their effective range would be effectively world-ending. Hell then there’s the Mirage 4000 which is already a great dogfighter but with it’s own MICA loadout.

Yep, why it’s gunna be tricky. R-27EA does actually genuinely scare me. Combine a R-27ER with an ARH seeker… Top tier would be a 1 nation show again.

I wouldn’t rule out the R-27EA most if not all the Russian planes equipped with R-77 could use R-27EA IIRC.

Depends how strong AMRAAM is but then again on the whole the US tends to dominate air in either flight performance or weapons systems, so I suspect the best ARH at any one time is likely to be an AMRAAM variant until we start getting into METEOR territory or whatever.

Yep. Though also the entire Stinger thread has raised questions for concern when it comes to balance as well.

Its tricky. Will be interesting to see what they do, but I do fear the state of some aircraft, like the Sea Harrier FA2, if they are pitted against things with Aim-120C+ level weapons and the flight performance to match

I should hope they will be br’d based on a combination of flight performance and weapons systems. In the case of things like the Sea harrier as its subsonic I believe the engagement envelope of the AMRAAM is severely limited by things like subsonic launches but don’t quote me on it.