Why israel getting spikes but USA doesn't get them?

We all know israel getting all those stuff from USA (helicopters, IFVS, missiles, technologie) but somehow USA doesn’t get spikes too, they’re important in todays rb, since there’s always a pantsir or ito looking for helis, it’s started to get hard to get kills with agm-144k or the old version, and also hellfires are absolutely useless.

USA deserves some new additions, it’s gonna help alot since every USA rb is an absolute lose.


Because the only American helicopter with the SPIKE missile is the Apache Longbow, and on that, was just done in December of last year. Oh, and the Spike/Spike-ER are Israeli tech. The only other licensed producer of the SPIKE is Rheinmetall and some company in Singapore. No, hellfires are not useless, they are useless as they are modeled in game, which is completely wrong, they should have a higher arc angle of attack.


This didn’t stop israel from getting USA tech, if israel gets apaches, hellfires, USA should get its own spikes, even add the longbow and then nerf it if it’s good to this game, USA is ineed diar need of new missiles.

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They get US tech because they operate it. I don’t think I’m tracking with your AGM-114 and Hellfire analogy, they are the same AtG missile you know?

Also, spelling, that is Dire, not Diar

If you want FaF tech on your Apaches, go make a suggestion to give the AH-64A/D the AGM-65; as those are historical to the Apache, so they will have a higher chance of getting them than Spike-ER’s.


because they didn’t use them


I’m trying to tell him that.

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Thanks for correcting me on that.

and yes i know this info i said they’re useless.

that’s what i literally said israel getting spikes, USA should get spikes too, and the apaches are also so bad.

No, they don’t need the SPIKE-ER’s, here is what I was talking about, the AGM-65, which is Fire and Forget, just like the SPIKE-ER’s.

You can continue to dream about the US Helicopters SPIKE-ERs, as they will not get them for a good while.


are they slighlty better or just the same? will they add them in this update?

I have no clue, all that “Passed to developers” means that they have given the thing to the Devs, as we haven’t heard about it, probably not, but there will probably be a 3rd or 4th dev server, and has a slight chance of being added then, but, seeing as that was 3 months ago, it could be a while. The AGM-65 is incomprehensibly better than the SPIKE, that’s currently just because of the way that SPIKES are modeled as well.

they might not model it correctly too, less g’s as they’ve done several times too

It is currently in game fairly accurately, but yet again, it had to be nerfed because people were getting mad at its amazing performance, also, if it’s a early AGM-65, it won’t work in cloudy weather because it’s a Optical tracker, and clouds obstruct view, but if it’s later models, I believe the AGM-65D-K, will have no issues with guidance.

That’s an example of incorrect spelling, not incorrect grammar. Grammar is the rules used for constructing phrases/sentences.

I haven’t used Spikes, but the Mavericks in game are useless for killing anything with armour. It’s a joke.


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Wow, my luck isn’t that bad, but yet again it is, because I can’t ever find a target (Maverick A moment). From what I’ve heard, spikes are worse than almost every missile. As for the Maverick issue, it’s because of the nerf, I think it should have stayed the same damage because it was realistic, but knocked of the maneuverability to where it is now. I feel a direct hit to the roof of a tank with a 300lbs explosive should probably blow it up from the inside. When I can destroy a tank with a bomb that’s smaller than the explosive load than the maverick, it should easily take down a tank.

GJN seems to believe that 50lbs of TNT mass can’t overpressure tanks, and somehow Russian-ERA designed for stopping handheld RPGs is capable of stopping it.


Agm-65 can only be carried in up to 4x compared to Spike’s 16x.

I’m pretty sure range is limited too, it’s not being launched from a super sonic F16 it’s a stationary helo

They’re also more accurate and deadly. And still have 23km of range (Just Mav. A)

Are you sure the maverick will be able to reach that 23 kilometers?

The range on it is rarely ever achievable in slow moving jets (Such as the D variants on the A-10 Late having about 10km range at altitude). Now we are trying to estimate its range when its being launched from a stationary attack helicopter. I would honestly be surprised if it can go 6km.

Spikes have a 20km range. Doesn’t mean they can do even half that.

Even a D mav simply isn’t going to do more than 8km from a stand still. You won’t be outranging ROLANDs or Tunguska missiles.

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Every time someone brings up the Mav warheads I post these: