AGM-65 Maverick for US AH-64s

Would You like to see AGM-65s Added to US AH-64 Variants?
  • Yes (AH-64A only)
  • Yes (AH-64D only)
  • Yes (Both AH-64A and D)
  • Yes (YAH-64, Both AH-64s)
  • No
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The Venerable
AH-64 Apache

And her Rarely-Seen Historical Munitions

Currently, she sits around 11.0 with up to 16 Hellfire ATGMS. On paper, this is a pretty decent loadout, but in-game she gets power-creeped and outclassed by her competition. Fortunately, the Army thought about this, and at some point, they mounted AGM-65 Maverick missiles on her.

As you can see, this brochure from the missile’s manufacturer Raytheon clearly states the AH-64 (And AH-1W) Were using the AGM-65.



(Source Here)

(Mind the hilariously low resolution)

So, to conclude, I would like to suggest the addition of up to 4x AGM-65Ds or better for the AH-64A and possibly D as well. Considering the addition of Fire and Forget munitions to many other nations’ Helis, and the lack of an introduction for the AGM-114L, The option to take Mavericks into battle would help the AH-64 cope with incoming power creep greatly.


Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.