Why israel getting spikes but USA doesn't get them?

That’s not how that works.

You’ll have to wait for the Longbow.

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USA has integrated Spike-NLOS on the Longbow

Afaik it’s backwards compatible to Spike-ER so it should be fine.

AH-64D = Apache Longbow

Not what I meant. The US has no obligation to use Israeli equipment just because Israel used a bunch of its.

In the article they talk about the ah 64E, they dont mention the ah 60D

which isn’t in the game yet

Mfw “AD-64”

Shitty article rip

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“it expects to begin training on the system in mid-2024 and to have fielded the Spike capability to all eighteen Apache AH-64E Model V6 aircraft by September 2024.”

Well, you have to remember that your gunners station gives you a range, and 23km distance garenteed it shouldn’t be that hard.

Well, I guess you can try and find usage reports of the Mav on the Apache if you don’t believe me. Also, it’s a simple, pop up, lock missile, fire, and drop down.

I wrote the suggestion, as far as I can see it’s basically non-existent. The AH-64A could likely use Mavs or at the very least has been equipped with up to 4x in testing, but was never used because hellfires were a better option in every relevant use case.

We don’t even know what variant it could use. Maybe if the AH-64A FCS is declassified it’ll have mentions in some documentation but that’s about it.

Lol wtf is this post?
The Spike NLOS isn’t even in game and very unlikely to ever be so what are you on about?

If they add czech pandur then even russia can use it

Bruh Spike is Israeli made, and isn’t even used by the US. Whtachu on about?

if you want spikes grind israel mate haha stop maining USA and problem solved, actually is a damn joke that USA mains complain about the spike when israel was the last nation to recive them because, Germany, italy and france recived the spikes first, soo you have options to chose man!!! you want spikes go and grind the nations that have spikes is simple as that buddy, and stop asking for stupid things that are not gonna happen.


America doesn’t use spikes period.

Mavericks will do more damage but they are huge, will take a full pylon

The only reason they are complaining is because the US tress should have had FnF on helicopters already. But the devs would rather hide behind their BS “Longbow Hellfires too OP” excuse than add them to the game and make Tankies adapt. There is 0 difference between randomly driving behind a tree to fool a spike as there would be to randomly driving behind a building to fool a 114L.

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They would though

Just adapt the MMW to be like an IR seeker and make the range smaller. It’s not like Gaijin hasn’t gimped things for balance before. I see no reason why that can’t be the case for the 114L.