American vehicles and armament better in other TT's the USA

Why does the HU gripen get the AGM 65H and AGM 65G and the US still has the AGM 65D? Why does the israeli blackhawk get the spikes and the Longbow doesn’t ?These are just some examples of the armament imbalance. Let me know your toughts on it


Here a few links where most of it is “awnsered”

Unfortunately awful reasoning as usual from gaijin

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Even if we got the tech we’re supposed to have, they will nerf it to oblivion. Look at TOW-2B, it’s top attack dumpsters Russian MBT’s all day long IRL and in game you will be lucky to knock out the commander’s cup holder and spill his tea.

Just though I’d follow up here as well, reports for the A-7E (AGM-65F) and A-10A Late (and possibly the Early as well, pending the intended configuration, as the -65G entered service in '89 ) were submitted.

You know it would be cool if vehicles would not be arificialy nerfed or smth

Im pretty sure that only the ah 64e (which is not in game) is actually tested for the nlos