Why is VL Pyörremyrsky at this low br of 4.3?

As far as I can see, VL Pyörremyrsky is literally a Bf-109G6 with Yak-3’s maneuverabilty and energy retention. Bf-109G6 is strong. Yak-3 is strong too, and sometimes even considered op. So what about VL Pyörremyrsky? Isn’t it supposed to be at 5.0? Or is this just another Strong Sewden gaijin thing?


Maybe 4.7 but never 5.0.
Sure it’s stronger than a G2 but lacks the weaponary of the G6. No Gunpods nor 30mm option.

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If the Yak-3P can be 5.0, the Pyörremyrsky can be as well :)

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That… does not matter.

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Limited ammo, very slow and very low rip speed = 4.3

Imho the plane turns way better than a Yak-3 - at least at lower speeds and in a sustained turnfight. I met recently a very good pilot using a joystick (we chatted later) and he managed to survive a rather long turnfight vs my B7A2 (started at roughly equal energy) until i ran out of ammo and he could escape.

Imho the Yak-3 and Yak-3P shine as they perform best at lower altitude - where the majority of fights take place - and their 20mm cannons are way easier to use than a MG 151 at ranges >400 meters. In addition both Yaks are way faster and have better climb below 5 km…

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Strong sweden gaijin thing.

The VL lacks speed compared to other fighters, and compresses in a dive. However, a well flown VL is impossible to attack due to its ability to outclimb the opposition and instantly get on an attacker’s six if he misses a pass, followed by a devastating strike with the armament, which hits extremely hard. I own it and I have no doubt that it is overpowered.

The VL should go to BR 4.7 along with the P-51D-10. I doubt that it is worthy of 5.0 BR due to its straight-line speed limitations and its high speed compression. Still, it’s definitely a worthy opponent even to meta 4.7s such as Yak-9U, La-7 and (to a limited extent) the P-38L.

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one 20mm cannon and two HMG is sort of a “standard weaponary”, and the Finnish 50cal is as good as, if not better than MG131. the gunpods are actually not very commonly seen among players, especially those with experience. gunpods noticeably worsen the flight performance, and the standard weaponary is adequate as long as you know how to aim.
In addition, while gunpods may be considered by gaijin as br influencing, we already have yak9u at 4.7 without gunpods and worse flight performance compared to VL Pyörremyrsky (yak9u is strong enough, though)

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Strv 122B swallowing JM43’s shot from the side without losing crew member or crucial parts. lol Swedish Thunder

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I’m not quite sure about this. ShVAK rounds’ velocity changes drastically at >400m, especially at >600m.maybe you were misled by berezin machine gun.
Well, nose-placed weaponary and full FIT belt makes it easy to snipe with ShVAK, though.

And another thing. VL Pyörremyrsky has decent rip speed (compared to yak3, or even yak9u and la7), making it better suited for b&z


I am actually sure about this, as i used recently the I-185 (M 82) to unlock the M 71 version - as only USSR prop worth to revisit (with reference to my play style) on this account due to the way better high alt performance of the M 71.

Compared to my SM 92 (with 2 center mounted MG 151s) the ShVaks are sniper rifles whilst the MG 151s are grenade launchers. I managed to score long range kills >1 km with the ShVaks which became incredible rare with MG 151s due to way better ballistics.

I use for years 800 m convergence with vertical targeting “on” and a joystick, SFC with instructor off. After some matches to adopt, it became incredibly easy to score kills in the range 400 - 800 meters as you need way less lead to score hits…

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Nah you can see how the round make a nice curve all the way to 800m.

MG 151/20 Mineshells on the other hand drop considerable, because they just lose so much velocity.

At 500m the ShVAK rounds (based on API penetration) are going ~475m/s while 20mm Mineshell has a velocity of 363m/s based on the source that they used to change the ballistics.

So after 400m the Mineshell will just have so much worse performance and they will drop considerable below the 20mm Tracer shells. It’s actually better to base the trajectory of Mineshells on the 13mm Tracer rounds.