Why is VL Pyörremyrsky at this low br of 4.3?

Deltas are all massively underperforming in game.

nuh uh.

for once it flies like a mixture of a russian plane and a 109. Russian planes don’t care about energy traps, 109’s have insane climb rate. Thing should be 5.7 at best. The closest thing to it is the i225 and it is still worse than the pyo; reminder that the i225 was totally fine when it was 5.7. The Pyo is at 4.3.

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Can your F-5E cobra?


Cuz guess what, neither can the Draken, which invented the cobra…

The J22’s and J21’s got nerfed hard.

J22b at 3.7… lol.

I’m ok with Sweden having a really competitive plane in mid-tier props.

Remember, other countries have planes like: Yak3, La-7, Ki-44-II hei, XP-50 flying in that BR bracket.

So it’s not a turkey shoot at all.

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Has anyone tested said aircraft for objective comparison?