Why is there so much hand holding in Air Realistic Battles

Why are you telling people that a missile has been launched instead of letting them use their eyes or brain to think “someone is on my tail I should shake them”?


Cause that’s what these RWRs have IRL.


Is this about the missile marker or rwr? Missile marker is fine because in order to see it, they have to basically be looking at you already. Rwr is rwr. The missile marker is much better than the old system where it would warn people of a missile launched in their general direction.


You realize RWR is a real thing right?


I ain’t talking about RWR that is realistic I’m talking the giant red “MISSILE” icon


I ain’t talking about RWR


Which is what everyone does because it’s arcade and you can stare backwards without penalty.

I would prefer the marker removed entirely as it’s really not enjoyable to be unable to gank people in a furball because they’re always looking behind them and see this giant red “MISSILE” coming at them.


Imo they should remove enemy name tags and missile markers. Just feels so arcady and removes basically all skill from the mode


Just say you want ez kills with absolutely no skill using Aim-9M


Name tags are fine, we’re not real fighter pilots.
There’s a sim-mode for going try-hard, which I play as well.


My issue with this is how boring Air RB is hunting down people with radar is cool but I’m not rewarded for my time spent doing that.

Does make for some fun engagements in Ground RB though.

GRB has more realistic and harder air combat than Air Realistic Mode, lol.

Too bad people instead are using it to shit on tanks.


Who would of guessed that the pilot paying attention would be harder to get a sneaky missile on.

There is a penalty. If they are looking backwards, they cant see forwards.

In my experience, if they are paying attention, they will see your missile either way. Those who are not paying attention will not. I often turn off my radar when using IR aams for stealth. I never have the gun ranger radar on either.

The pilot seeing a giant red missile marker rather than recognizing the threat of letting a plane stay on their tail.

Which can be done in quick flashes with no penalty. Things can’t just randomly teleport in front of you.

Tell me how can i NOT let a F-16C stay on my tail of SMT

They recognize the threat which is why they are looking behind them. If they are not actively trying to shake you and know you are there, they are either trying to out speed/climb you or you are far enough away that you are not a threat

And people will stop doing that if missile markers are removed? Even in lower br matches, I still look behind me to make sure nobody is behibd me or if the plane, that is behind, is still a safe distance away.

That question wont matter for what he wants. 99% chance that he thought he was being sneaky and the enemy plane dodged his missile because they were paying attention.


Yeah i agree. He wouldn’t have said anything like this if he actually took a look at current TOP BR battles.

People will have to do it consistently and pay attention to enemy plane position not just taking a quick glance to see whether they’ve fired a missile or not.

If you find there is an issue with the game mode then I would recommend creating a thread to discuss it.