Why is the US getting an F-15 variant with no HMD?

Japan gets a C Variant with HMD, Su-27, and so on.

So why is USA getting an A variant, with no HMD while having 9M’s?
All of that hype, just to have the same crap happen again like with the phantoms… cough cough EJ KAI* * cough* I’m happy to see the Eagle finally in the game, but very disappointed that the US just isn’t allowed to have an equal variant of the jet THEY make, considering the Flight model for the C…is right there. Is this all just a ploy to bring people back in a new update a few months from now? That’s whack…

9M’s are going to feel so awkward without an HMD and frankly am just starting to feel less and less inclined to play with the Eagle as…what’s the point… Dogfighting with any jet, it’s going to be next to impossible to get missiles off and, yea…this decision sucks Gaijin… Do better…


Four points.

One, F-15J doesn’t have HMD as far as I know, as I saw on the dev server.

Two, F-15A is lighter than F-15J so it has some slight advantage in a dogfight.

Three, F-16 saw the US get some of the least meta versions of that plane, but eventually later patches saw them getting some of the best variants, likely still better variants are in the works. I know of no reason to doubt the same will eventually happen with US F-15 planes.

Four, the US developed and deployed the first Phantoms and bailed on them before some other nations, hence they have some of the earliest and worst versions, without some of the better versions that other nations upgraded heavily as cheap solutions rather than, say, designing an entire new fighter jet or throwing giant buckets of money at arms companies to make brand new stuff. That’s the consequences of history.


The likelihood they dont release a new F-15 when they drop the ARH update is very low.

That will probably be in March.


I believe Gaijin is putting the stronger 1st release variants in smaller tech trees to reduce the number of them in matches when the game goes live for data collection, then will probably release better versions for the major factions later once the waters have been tested. EX: F-16’s , Spike ER helicopters

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Why does that never happen with russia’s tech then lmfao


Not arguing with you, it’s just that if that’s the case they do a good job of cherry picking, as the G should have gone to Germany first, and russia getting the base Mig-29 off the rip. Just feels off… that it only happens to US

It has more to do with the fact that Japan never used the F-15A. So of course it got its real life variant that is the C.

Pretty sure I saw it have one on one of the content creators videos, it’s a charlie variant.

What does it matter if it’s lighter when it cant get missiles off when it needs too while everyone can get insane off bore shots, especially compared to su-27 with HMD AND r-73s (it gets them stock lmfao) F-15 gets 9ls, have to get a missile upgrade for more L’s and then it can get it’s top tier missile…There is absolutely no reason for that other than to piss people off, make people want to pay for GE to skip it and favor russia.

To your third point, that still doesn’t make it okay or acceptable to give a direct downgrade to the f-16C after all the hype. It just feels not fun, and not competitive to have a new update that removes tech we already have at our disposal. I really don’t like the mindset of thinking things are “biased”, but this update has me on the fence…Gaijin’s implementation of these new meta defining jets is poor, and it feels on purpose just to upset people.

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They have for quite a while.

I get that, and dont have an issue with them getting the J at all. But it doesn’t mean that just because the US used the A, they should have to start with it and wait for a few months to get something comparable…
It feels demoralizing to have your “top of the line” be behind everyone else’s new brand new toy.

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It really doesn’t bother me at all. That’s why I don’t “main” anything. 😎

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I wish I had the free time to main other nations, but I just don’t. :/

Well, neither do I, but you’ve got to consider that grinding out a tech tree takes a lot of time and effort, and not everyone can afford to reach top-tier in multiple nations.

Nobody likes feeling like a “bag-holder”, especially after grinding out a whole tech tree to the top, only to be disappointment by how lacking it is.


The F-15A is by no means a “direct downgrade” of the F-16C, seeing as it has better acceleration and weapons than the F-16. This entire issue is entirely on your side, being stuck on the lack of HMD as the one singular reason as to why it’s apparently horrible

Hell, this is the second variant of production F-15. Calm down.

No doubt. My 10+ years of effort is finally paying off. I am in a position to start unlocking all the tier 8 aircraft for 8 out of 10 nations. Gonna be a good year.

Until recently, top tier was never a real goal of mine. This year I’m making it my priority to unlock all the air nations. Then I’m gonna pick and choose which aircraft I want to fly, rather than trying to spade the entire tree like I used to do.


What do you mean, the f-16C and the US f-15 carries the exact same missiles… F-15 will be only able to carry 4 9ms VS f-16’s 6.

You sound like you fly a lot of russia, so would you be fine if everyone else had HMD’s but your Su-27 didn’t?

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The only F-15 variant getting better missiles is Japan’s J variant.

But it will be able to carry 4 AIM-7s instead of only 2

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Have fun with that, sound’s like it will be exciting! Wish I could experience the same :)

Exactly, they both carry the same missiles, with the F-15 carrying an extra 2 7Ms.

I sounds like I fly a lot of Russia? How so? Is it my 11F3 MOS or my near decade worth of experience with American aviation?

Again, F-16 has HMD.