Why is the T1E1 5.3 and the M6A1 5.0...?

I think Both of the tanks were fine/good at 4.7 and mostly fine at 5.0, but the change to increase the T1E1 makes… Zero sense… especially since the M6A1 is better in basically every aspect… (but still basically the same tank)

T1E1 has a significantly better reverse gear - it can back up at full speed. The M6A1 is limited to 5 km/h. I don’t agree with the T1E1 being 5.3, but it was definitely worth a .3 BR increase over the M6A1.


Ah yes, it does

I still dont think its worth a .3 increase, sure it … can help but i think they should both be the same BR as well as 5.0, or 4.7 (but the whole BR shenanigans they are doing now, the 5.0 could be fine)

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Well, it’s very debatable whether or not the M6A1 deserved 5.0. It didn’t have much improvement in armor over the Shermans, but it did have a coaxial 37mm. That said, the T1E1’s ability to back up at 35 km/h is huge, and I do think it was worth the additional BR step. In exchange, the armor is ever so slightly worse (cast instead of welded, same thickness).

I agree, the T1E1 is a noticeable improvement over the M6A1. That good of a reverse is very nice on a tank like it.

I do think that the M6A1 should be 4.7 though, it is just such a barn, and with no reverse or armor it is very large vulnerable box. Forwards mobility isn’t even great on either of them (the T1E1 feels faster backwards lol). The coax is situationally useful, but the standard issue .50cal deals with most light vehicles that the 37mm helps against better anyways. The 37mm also isn’t quite powerful enough to hit tracks, basically being regulated to ranging and sideshotting.

Thus the T1E1 should be 5.0, one step up from the M6A1.


Forwards mobility isn’t even great on either of them (the T1E1 feels faster backwards lol)

This is a problem with the way Gaijin models electric transmissions, it’s why the T25 medium feels faster in reverse than its forward gear.

That feeling is entirely placebo. I’ve tested down to milliseconds and it’s the same acceleration forwards and backwards.

Electric transmissions are shit though.

right, and it has a lot of other Worse/Inferior things than the T1E1

yeah i agree with most of this… i can see Why the T1E1 should get a bit of a bump… but also. mostly dont think so… since it has like 4 other inferior things compared to the M6A1 (lower horsepower and a few other things)

but yeah, i think Both should be 4.7 or 5.0

Meanwhile the M4A3e8 is 5.7, M4A2(76) is 5.3, so t1e1 is ok in 5.3

(Those are also overtiered)

After I unlocked the T1E1 there was no reason to play the M6A1. The T1 is simply better in every aspect.
It is more mobile and depending on the situation more survivable.

It is also bugged in many places as it still does not have the 37mm ammo atowage.

uh… the only thing the T1E1 has or does better is the reverse speed… regardless they are basically the Same tank, so playing one while shunning the other is… weird and dumb. Its fine to lead with the T1E1 but if you are in a match where you die twice in the T1E1 , the M6A1 is again… Basically the same tank.

The reverse spee, the acceleration, the general tracktion. a T1E1 is much more mobile.
And treu, When grinding the T1E1 and spading it I had the M6 in the same lineup, but again I saw no reason to use it after spading it as I focused on other tasks and did not need a worse T1E1 in my lineup, as the T1E1 was already just there to be my “fallback” tank

i think that is placebo/perception on your part… the M6A1 has more horsepower and several other things that are Superior to the T1E1

The horsepower of both tanks is identical (800 horsepower).

The M6A1 has a lower weight and slightly lower top speed so acceleration is technically better, although not noticeable unless you specifically test and time their accelerations.

Overall the T1E1 has much better mobility because it has a really good reverse speed. Plus both tanks reach their top speeds decently fast so the 37 km/h top speed instead of 35 km/h is a slight advantage.

Electric drives accelerate much faster if the same power to weight ratio applies. SImply because they produce much more torgue. Menaing in most situations outside of flat ground the T1E1 is superiour. The M6 is a decently armoured heavy with a decent gun. the T1E1 is a very well armoured, albeit tall, medium with the best US gun on any US medium of the BR.

This is the difference. The T1E1 beats out even the shermans in survivability, firepower, mobility and armour while having a bigger profile.

Does not work like that in WarThunder. The game does not differentiate between different transmission.

The T1E1 does accelerate worse than the M6A1. But it more than makes up for it by having a slightly higher top speed and significantly better reverse.

Where does it state that?
When finally implementing the electric drives Gaijin also added the proper transmissions and behaviours.

Yeah, that’s the thing, Gaijin has never done that. Electric transmissions don’t actually exist in WarThunder, that’s why they have actual gears. They simply have random gear ratios that Gaijin decides, and they copy the forward gears to the reverse gears so that the mobility is identical forwards and backwards.

Edit: And I forgot, even in this regard Gaijin sometimes fails. Look at the Porsche Tigers, they both have 8 forward gears and 4 reverse gears despite the fact that they use this type of transmission.

In fact, the T1E1 literally has the same forward gear ratios as the M6A1 except for the last gear which is slightly lower so it reaches a 37 km/h top speed instead of 35 km/h.

I mean, have you looked at the T25 and how horrid it’s acceleration is despite the fact its supposed to be an electrical drive? Its forward acceleration is worse than the M26’s despite the fact that the T25 also has higher hp/ton. So yeah, Gaijin doesn’t accurately or properly implement electric drives at all.

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