Why is the LF Spitfire Mk.IX so loved?

My point exactly

What is your point?

You mean landing flaps, na m8 i dont use them as i fight in the air not on the runway

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What do you mean by that? is the 288 under tiered?

He means that the moment the 288 was added to the game and the sheer amount of spam this resulted in completely destroyed the 5.3-6.3 BR bracket because most games on German side turned into 6v6 games with 4 288s on your team. As a result a lot of decent pilots stopped playing this tier entirely, some quit WT entirely, and until this date this issue has not been addressed. BEFORE the 288 was added, US+UK teams actually had quite a challenge to handle the full fighter teams of Ger+Jap+Ita, often losing big time… US also didn’t have their P51H and F2G, they were mostly attackers and mixed with F4U4Bs…UK brought the fighters mostly. But, that all changed, literally from 1 day to the next. Now Germany is eating shit most games.

The 288 is, without doubt, the very worst addition to the game when you look at gameplay experience.



The conspiracy theorist in me says it was a plan to get us players who comfortably enjoyed and sat mainly in the the 5.3-6.3 prop battles range to get out and progress the jets…

(Well, maybe just the case for me)

Ta-152H smashes Bf 109 to pieces. Some guy in K4 once tried to shoot me down, I was able to toy with him, since he could never come even remotely close to putting me in danger.
Ta can actually dogfight Spitfire Mk XVIII quite effextively. It’s not easy win, but it can be done.

However Mk IX LF is faster, turns and climbs better and I generally consider it a huge threat.

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Only premiums can do that :(

you can dislike it

Mk.18 is heavier than the Mk.14e and slower, I’ve found that the mk.14e can contest it quite well doing the same sort of thing but with worse energy retention but more power it feels and the Lf mk.9 is more or less a counter in the turn fighting and vertical regimes.

Obviously the energy retention is huge on tbe TA though, honestly I don’t know which I prefer spit or Ta.

According to data mined data, Mk XIVc/e weights 3628kg while Mk XVIIIc weights mind blowing 3658kg.

I really, really doubt this difference has any real relevance :)


A whole 30 kg

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Probably my confirmation bias i just prefer to fly the mk 14.

Same here, and I don’t know why, as for all intends and purposes they are basically the same… it is what it is. Excellent plane up high

I love mk14 is fast and good high up bnz. The 18 is a 14 that can carry bombs. The mk 5 and 9 are good, the mk 16 i dont get on with so say it flys like a fw90.

FYI i just aced my Lf mk IX today.

Btw the mk 22 and 24 are great planes but its the end of the prop age for them

Try the g55 it rulz over ta

Hey, I’ve got a question, if you, or anyone else is still around.

I’ve got the LFmk9 yesterday, absolutely love it and fully spaded it.

But in regards to fuel, I’m tempted to choose the 20minute option over the 13 minute option, though the 20 minute is overkill, I think the 13min is scraping by. What do you suggest?

I use 20 minutes, it performs well enough plus you burn 5 mins of fuel in WEP climbing. Also you often get your fuel tanks punctured and by taking a little more than you need it means you won’t run out of fuel if you get holed.

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