Why is the LF Spitfire Mk.IX so loved?

I’m working towards unlocking it, pretty close to.

It’s a bit strange to see a MK9 be rated so highly since you have to unlock 2 griffon engines prior to it.
What makes it so loved compared to the other spitfires in that br range?

And when I do unlock it, how should I fly it? I’m assuming not like a F Mk9.

Climbs very well and essentially pulls energy out of its ass, my favourite is the MK.14E for that better speed and high speed performance but the LF MK.9 will turn well, climb well, stall well. Just overall very good to fly and quite forgiving. It also used to be before the Griffons which IMO made more sense but its fine all the spitfires are pretty good.

In terms of how to fly it, unfortunately its in the JU-288 limbo but for other fighters, you’ll outturn most things, and if you don’t outturn it you can go vertical and just climb away, plays just a lot like the other spitfires. Stay away from bombers as you are structurally weak and will just snap in half. Key opponents will be the P-51H which is still woefully undertiered and is very good, i’m not sure how the fight goes but if I were you just make sure you have more energy, YAK-3U does what you do but pretty much just better below 3km but you definitely still outturn it.

Any other questions i’d be happy to answer.


It climbs very well, but your team mates wont so it doesnt matter.

Thanks for the reply friend. I’m currently playing with the MK14e, and enjoy it.

I didn’t realize how bad the Ju 288 Hell and the P-51H problem was until I unlocked the Bf 109 K4. While I’ve been loving the K4 the matchmaking ruins it.

The Spitfires seem to not suffer as hard from it. But I do wish Gaijin would do something about it.

Yeah you will be with America and wonder why none of them know how to climb or be with Germany and most of your team will be Ju-288’s and the TA-152c’s

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The K-4 is really nice to play, Ta-152H also.

Yep the JU-288 is mega spammed and so is the P-51H which based on the Spitfire mk.22 and 24 should be 7.0 or the Spits should go down.

You aren’t often matched with Germany and you’re usually with America. But when you are against America you can just remember that they almost never climb and even if they do climb, you climb much better. The pilots are usually worse too.


I’m interested in the Ta (Fw) line but the way the plane has felt, it’s as if it’s just a worse Bf 109. I struggled to love the Fw 190, maybe the Ta is better?

Or perhaps I’m just terrible at Fw 190s.

FW-190s are an interesting playstyle, if you’re new its probably because you are used to turn-fighting which is what 109’s and spitfires do mostly. Fw-190’s are energy fighters, they are good at going fast, they have great guns, and with flaps can turn fairly well. The TA-152 turns very well though and has an air spawn but you will need the lessons from the Fw-190 and the 109’s to fly it well. The TA is definitely better than the FW-190 though.

When I first started I was. It is only now after 4 years properly grinding the game, and having top tier in 2 nations that i can effectively fly energy fighters, I do much better in turn-fighters. You can learn them quite quickly though.

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Aren’t 109s energy fighters?

Yes but they rely on vertical loops where FW-190’s rely on going fast outrunning you and turning around again. Boom and Zoom might be the better term for the Fw-190. I might not have done the best job explaining it.


I’m not going to argue against your experience, as I’m a new player.

With that said though, I can’t help but feel that other BnZ fighters (like in the American tree) do its job better.

You’re not necessarily wrong but the FW-190’s turn better than the American planes which pretty much exclusively just go fast, whereas the FW-190’s aren’t as fast but also turn better. It’s a combination of factors with the flight model.

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Germany rank 4 used to be cruise control, K-4s and Doras complimented each other perfectly the teamwork just happened on its own, the more overbearing Allied aircraft like late Griffons and Beercans were handicapped by B-17s but I still found both sides fun to play.

It cannot be understated how much the Ju288 destroyed this tier
Germany will never recover


Put 1 of the maps on your ban list that ju88’s fly a lot in and your get better matchies, i cant rember which 1 but it begins with S or is it Tunisia im not sure but your find out

The LF IX is loved because you finally get your hands on a spitfire that isn’t handicapped, bad, overtiered, or all of the above. You have a lot of horsepower and you’re well-suited to playing the air RB meta. Your weaknesses are difficult to exploit and you can play aggressively without getting punished as long as you pay a bit of attention.

It is a good plane.


Does it really not stall the same? I’ve read in a different forum post that both of the variants stall kind of the same, but you’re right on with the pull energy out of its ass. Only died once from an LF when I was in the premium griffon and that’s because I thought that thing stalled out smh.

Its not as heavy and the nose isn’t as heavy so I find it stalls a bit later and has less of a tendency to flop the nose towards the ground. I dunno that’s just my experience but it definitely stalls later.

Dont stall spits there not stall fighters

Dude what are you talking about, a Spit LF with flaps down stalls sub 100 kph IAS, these things will hang under you and kill you if you arent careful energy fighting them


Flaps what are they