Why is the AMX-32 (105) 9.3

I can’t help but wonder why the 32 105 is 9.3 and not 9.0 or even 8.7. I mean it’s not much better than the amx 30 but the stabilizer. Yeah the stabilizer is very good but there are russian tanks at 8.7 that are stabilized, have apfsds and the T-55AM-1 seriously has composite armor at 8.7 while the AMX 32 105 has worse armor than the regular AMX 30. Just seems like it should be 9.0 atleast.

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the reason is about all vehicule* (with some exception for specific vehicules) in Battlerating 7.0 to 10.0 raise all 0.3/0.4

Technictly, you’re fighting the same vehicule 8.3 to 9.3 battle. The issue is about 9.7 and more : they need decompression, same was for the 6.3 - 7.7 area

I think it atleast needs to go down to 9.0 to stop it from fighting abrams and such. It only has the 105 which has worse performance than the 120 that the amx 32/40 have.

Thermals. It basically identical to Type 74 (G), so thats why its 9.3 too

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Well they could remove those and lower its BR
They still have 2 more better X32 105 (that i know of) to go through, they can the very first model at 8.3/8.7

It could use a better APFSDS shell at the very least

But it doesnt have Type-74G’s armor penetration capabilites or protection.

Type 74 protection? WHut?

İts still better then Amx-32.

You also forgot to mention that those don’t have practically any reverse speed and gun depression. Gun handling and reload are also crap.
Their mobility and darts are decent-ish at best as well.

Better? Lol, nope. They are both on the same level of NOarmor

Good armor, good mobility, good ammunition, and a stabilizer. It’s a very good trade off for majority of situations also considering the large amount of cqc maps there are where gun depression isn’t a huge problem. Also the T 55 AM1 has a 1 sec longer reload and only goes around 9 mph slower than the AMX (all on level 0 crew) which isn’t terrible considering the great positives the T55 gets.

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The AMX 32 105 gets 35 mm of armor sloped at 75 degrees but gets a big flat 50mm plate below that, it also has 80-60 mm of armor on the turret face and 41mm on the sides of the turret. The Type 74 on the other hand gets 80mm sloped at 64 degrees with 150 mm of armor on the front of the turret and 132 on the sides. The Type 74 also gets a better apfsds and a dozer at 9.0. It does go slower and gets 2 degrees less gun depression but some of that is because of the extra armor.

They have absolutely the same armor in terms of efficiency.
Im speaking about Type 74(G), which has the same 9.3 BR.
Yeah, Type 74 got better round, but AMX-32 got slightly better turret traverse and 20mm coax.
2 less gun depression and 11 less gun elevation (and yes, gun elevation is important).
Overal, they have quite the same efficiency.

Doesn’t the type 74 get suspension control to negate that gun depression though? I also can’t see a type 74 g

It a removed premium.
Suspension isnt usable in every situation. It can negate problems, but you need time and safe position

Literally any 8.7 dart will go through them without an issue, simply point and click.

Not true, their mobility is meh at best. Especially if you consider their non-existent reverse.

3BM25 is one of the worst darts at 8.7, what are you on about ?
That round is also short-rod, which means it will generate less spalling.

For CQC you’ll need exactly what T-55s are lacking, gun handling, reload and being able to quickly move in and out of cover (using forward and backwards mobility).

I don’t see a single positive AM-1 gets over AMX-32 105.


It’s invincible against heat and ap/aphe and if you’re a slightly competent player you can take apfsds.
It’s top speed is not terrible plus it has a very good hull turn time, id say almost 2x faster than the amx 32 105
It gets a good aphe and a dart for stronger targets. The aphe can destroy tanks in a downtier or the light mbts of 8.0-9.3 and the few tanks that it may struggle with penning it can switch to apfsds
It gets a stabilizer which is very good in cqc, the quick hull turning can make it quickly stop while moving out of the predicted movement path, and the aphe which combined with the stabilizer can snipe weak points if needed.
I was never trying to say the T55 AM1 was better than the AMX 32 105 but more equal

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Too bad those are practically non-existent on 8.7 mediums.

Nope, any 8.7 dart will slice right through it’s armor like it’s nothing. Any amount of skill won’t change that.

AMX-32 105 surely deserves to be two BR steps higher than AM-1 or AMD.
AM-1 simply has no advantages in a head-to-head duel against AMX-32 105.

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Not even close to equal.