Why is T72AV Turms-t 10.0

So why is this thing 10.0 when i could be 10.3 easy.

Sure it lacks mobility but kinda adds up in the firepower and armour section.
It has gen 2 thermals i think for the gunner with a good sight paired with 3BM42


İt has Gen2 thermals for both gunner and commander it also has 3BM42 as you mentioned.

Armor is ok i would say, worst thing about is reverse speed and that is the biggest downside for this tank.

Its armour is completely broken. Any other nation/ maybe TT. It would be 10.3 easy, maybe even 10.7.

But its soviet premium. So its 10.0. Surprised its not 9.7 to be honest.


Reverse speed and gun handling is atrocious for this tier, 7.1s reload is also not great, armour is good for a 9.3 but it’s not 9.3 like the 72A and a lot of common rounds start to pierce the hull fairly easy.

TURMS isn’t that great, sure I’ve seen a lot of questionable plays by people using them probably screwing with the tiering but I don’t think it horribly undertiered like a lot of other bad players claim.

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İ never said its undertiered i simply talked about its strenghts and weaknesses.

Armor isnt as bad as you claimed, in fact its surprisingly durable especially in hull down position compare to other 10.3 nato Mbts.

7.1 sec reload is not good but certainly managable, do i think it should be 10.3? For me it doesnt matter if its stays at 10.0 or it gets increase to 10.3 cause either way im using my TURMS with my T80B.

I always see T72AV Turms when I’m using my 9.3 - 9.7 German line up. My Line up are consist with Leopard 2k, T72M1, Gepard 1A2, Ozelot, and Mig23BN. I removed the PUMA due to I don’t want to get up tiered to 11.0 and that’s really crazy 9.3 - 9.7 fighting 11.0 that has thermals and APFSDS that much higher Pen and I have CAS that don’t have Flares or AAM like others 10.0-11.0 CAS. With 9.3-97 line up I can say my best bet are the Leo 2k and T72M1 but will still struggle if up tiered and that is most of the time. LOL

sorta like the T-90A it could probably be 11.0 and be fine but nuh uh cant touch the t-90A

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@Morvran @Imaflyingturkey
What armor? And it’s slower than Chally Mk3
It’s enough to bounce some DM23s, but DM33 lolpens it.
DM23 within close range lolpens it.

Other nations have equivalent tanks at 10.0, and superior tanks at 10.3.
I guess you consider all 10 tech trees “Russian”.
TURMS-T doesn’t over-perform.

As for T-90A, even at 10.7 I never see them. Not exactly sure why.

Its ERA cannot be penned. At all, so you can only kill it by aiming at the few areas not covered by ERA. No other tank at this BR has that level of protect. Especially its turret

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Most tanks don’t have HEATFS as its primary round.
Hull-down it’s stronger, but hull-down with 5 total gun depression isn’t a lot.

Still more than enough to one shot most things at that BR. Almost always got one shotted the chally ds. Heck, been one shotted in front aspect in the chally 2 by a TURMS

That’s glass cannons for you, just TURMS-T has workable turret armor like 2A4 & Chally.
Ariete P at 10.0 has a higher performing round, faster, but less armor.

Are you talking about 105mm DM23-33 or 120mm DM23-33?

ZTZ96A is 10.0 with better armor (FY-4=K5), firepower (125 I>3BM42) and turret traverse; T-72AV Turms is fine where it sits.

This means ZTZ96A should increase to 10.3 at least.

That’s not saying much when both Challengers have a football field LFP with a wall of ammunition in front of the engine.


T-90A lacks the mobility or FCS to be worthy of 11.0.

Chinese clones (ZTZ99s) at the same BR have the same firepower, armor and a stronger HP/ton ratio.

The turms era? If you are referring to the turms era that is a you problem. A Leo 1A5 can kill a turms just fine. The turms is a really bad tank. The abrams kvt, Wolfpack, PZBTL 123, all out class it. The wolf pack really outclasses the turms with M900.

L23A1 and L26 cant pen the ERA. Only hope is to aim for an area not coverwd by it. Not poasible if its hull down

İts not bad in any means you’re just blowing.