Why is it possible to face teams with 12.0 planes when in a team that is max 11.3?

Like the title says. I play the F-4J differently in different BR ranges. When there are no MiG-29s i feel good climbing and slinging sparrows. Its incredibly frustrating to see im on an 11.3 team and climb, defend against what i think is a Phantom just for it to turn out to be a MiG-29. What is this BS?

This isnt rare either, its like every 10 games. The matchmaker in this game is totally broken.

In general the matchmaker allows those matches. It’s no failure.
But since the event/sale it’s too often. Yesterday I played 11.0 and it happened every 5th game ish.

If on your side, no fitting players exist, top BR can be left empty.

It makes no sense. I dont fucking care about waiting lmao. I dont want to be surprised like that. Its idiotic.

It’s a fundamental game mechanic. That is how the matchmaker functions and sometimes what happens is that you have an 11.0-12.0 match, but one team has ended up with players that are only 11.0-11.3, or something to that effect.

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I never said it isn’t idiotic or it makes sense. I said it is how the matchmaker works. Btw you have these battles over all BRs.
It’s not a big problem having such matches every 50 or 100 battles like in the past. But with an event and a sale And new planes at the same time overflowing a specific BR range it becomes worse.

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They cater more to those players willing to spend the time (and especially the money!) to get to the max BRs.

once i played the Mig23ML, there’s only a F14A at my side and there are two F16Cs in the enemy side😅 the matchmaker is broken

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11.3 BR you bring to the field means that you will more than often face 12.3 planes. It’s the +1BR match maker bracket and even though tanks “stop” with 11.7, it doesn’t mean to stop match maker at that BR. Planes go higher and players will have planes as CAS in their setups.