Why does the Taiwanese f-16 not have amraams?

Why did the Taiwanese f-16 not receive amraams? If im not mistaken the F-16 Block 20 MLU can carry them and I’d much rather just research a new modification for the f-16 as I already have it unlocked rather than researching the j-11a which is just the j-11 with the option to add r-77s. Not to mention the r-77s are extremely underwhelming compared to the aim-120.


They even unMLU´d it. Took its additional CMs, and now it have just 60 like regular 16A

R-77s and AIM-120s are equivalents.
As you said, J-11A is already present.

That is a bug.

That doesn’t change the fact that the f-16 should still have the option to carry amraams. The R-77 is not as good as the aim-120 in game either.

This is unintended. Wasnt in patchnotes.

America has 5 vehicles which can carry Fox 3 missiles, the AV-8B+, the F-15C MSIP, the F-14A/B and the F-16C. If the Americans are allowed to get 5 then China surely can get 3 as well, the R-77s aren’t equivalents and the PL-12 can only be found on the J-8F.

The J-11A is mid, the J-8F isn’t competitive unlike the Gripen and the only other alternative (the F-16A MLU) is already in the game, just give it AMRAAMs and China should be good.

They gave it the MLU designation back, it rightfully deserves the AMRAAMs now, I should also mention that Taiwan only ordered AMRAAMs for the MLU so the AIM-7M loadout in-game is ahistorical.



Still however lacks its 90 countermeasures which made it special, just a generic ADF with CAS ordinances now.

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Personally I’m fine if they let it keep Sparrows. Its not a big deal, and it means that they don’t have to move it up.

Especially if they separate the planes, like this

On the other hand, if they added the Mirage 2000-5EI with Super 530s, in the spot that the F-16A-20 MLU is in right now, thus taking it’s spot at 12.0/12.3, then I think that moving the F-16A-20 MLU up and giving it AMRAAMs and AIM-9Ms like its supposed to have would be fine.
Or doing the opposite, if the Mirage is MICA capable, adding the Mirage 2000-5EI above the F-16A-20 MLU and keeping the F-16A-20 MLU where it is. Especially because otherwise there is a HUGE gap between the F-5A/E and whatever would come after it, which in my opinion is too big of a gap.

I’d still prefer they just add a separate F-16A-20 MLU with AMRAAMs and 9Ms because it would be easier to balance.


There is J-11A, and far more Chinese aircraft that can be added.

Refer to the above post.
Patience is key.

F-16A MLU with AMRAAMs would mean China’s without a 12.0 to play, and the F-16A MLU would be boring to play.
It’d also give Gaijin an excuse to not add Chinese vehicles.

Or,hear me out,adding J-10A that should have been added together with 16C.

Idk about it being together with F-16C, at least in its current state, but I’m specifically talking about the ROC planes and not the PRC planes so the J-10A doesn’t even apply here.

While i understand where your coming from the 2 Fox-3 capable planes for china just isn’t enough in my opinion. While the PL-12s seem to be a capable missile from my experience the issue comes in where i can only carry 2 while f-16s and f-15s can carry 6-8. I know that the j-11a can carry 6 R-77s but as they stand right now the R-77 struggles to compete with the AMRAAMS.

I think a J-10A could be a great addition or the F-CK-1A. But in the meantime the f-16 is the only AMRAAM capable plane in the Chinese/Taiwanese tree and it wouldn’t hurt ground br players as the highest ground br tank in the game for the chinese is currently rated a 11.7. While the Jump from the F5 to the F16 would be a rather large one, it wouldnt be that bad. In the german tree it goes from the F4F which only has IR missiles to the F4F KWS which has access to Fox-3s. If the Taiwanese F-16 got amraams and went to 12.7 or 13.0 it would be either exactly or very similar to the far left side of the german air tech tree.

  • I think the MLU should get its AMRAAM’s, AIM-9P-4’s, and AIM-9M’s as it is a unique F-16 specific to the ROC/Taiwan.
  • Worst case, give the MLU it’s correct AIM-9 loadout, starting out with 2x AIM-9P-4’s before getting the AIM-9M modification and when more ARH-capable aircraft are added, give it it’s AIM-120’s then (AIM-120B’s can be used as a placeholder until AIM-120C-5’s/AIM-120C-7’s are added).
  • Also the JH-7A should get it’s PL-12’s as well, bringing the current PRC/ROC tree to 4x ARH missile capable aircraft (including the MLU).
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