Why does spawning SPAA cost SP?

CAS is an issue, why does it cost spawn points to bring in SPAA?

Its in the name, SPAWN points


Basic rule of the game. You earn SP while playing. If you are not able to gather enough SP in a battle many things have to go wrong. For example you die twice without taking a single shot on an enemy tank.
But guess who is in charge to prevent such things happen …

If we take away SP for SPAA … light tank players are next who will ask for free spawns because those are thrown away most the times for a fast cap which tend to fail often. Next up will be players who play tanks with long reloads who die due to agressive playstyle … and so on …
If it happens often that you are not able to spawn enough tanks/planes consider that you play to agressive without achieving anything.

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Spaa are by far the cheapest thing to spawn. Having enough sp for them is not an issue.

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“Because it would be “too easy” (not really) to counter skycancer” - by average skycancer enjoyer.

They will do nothing about this issue.

A large part of the playerbase wants a skycancer-free (aka. Ground only) mode for years, but they won’t ever implement it due to the large number of high tier skycancer sales.
Every poll made about this shows that 60%+ of the voters want’s this mode, and ~80-90% says that skycancer it too OP. But again, as long as cash flows in, they won’t do anything.

Because the average SPAA player ignores CAS and plays it as TD…

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Which is undestanable only in one case and that is ZSU-57-2. That is a horrible SPAA to use to shoot down CAS. Unless you got really good hang of it 99% of time you miss your shots.

that goes for most of those single/double SPAA that do better as a tank killer (m42, m19 and the like)

Some have at least a good fire rate which helps them a lot…even tho you need to aim far in front of the plane

yeah but most do not, at least for shooting planes

while i agree that CAS is a Major issue and simply Way too strong, making SPAA cost no SP is… kinda dum… about 1 in 1000 games i do not have enough spawn points to spawn a tank, let alone a SPAA (which are significantly less SP to spawn)

You basically have enough spawn points allotted to spawn TWO tanks, so if you spawn 2 tanks and you do nothing… you deserve to be removed from the game and team. That is 2 chances to be able to afford a 3rd tank or SPAA where you basically just have to get 1 kill and assist or 2 assists or 1 assist and a base capture.

If you find yourself with not enough Spawn Points to spawn a SPAA, more than once in 50 games… you are Very bad at the game (both you and the in general/everyone you)

and yes, i get that if you spawn a tank, then spawn a plane, which cost a lot more SP, you can maybe then not have enough SP for tanks/spaa, but… still, that should Rarely happen, unless you are absolute trash at the game… which in my experience… most people are… especially the player on my teams)

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Why not?

Unless your name is ADATS in which you get the tank destroyer spawn cost because ‘it can be used as a tank destroyer’ Just like how most AA works great as IFVs but we don’t talk about that

People bringing lineups with 10 SPAA:


CAS are issue? more like the solution when entire Russian line up is issue.
and yeah, as the name tell you “Spawn point.” (too cheap if you ask me)

Why not encourage play of SPAA by enabling it with no cost?

It costs almost nothing and it’s usually a last resort vehicle for new players who don’t know what else to do. SPAA is very effective so long as you have a backup vehicle and an expert crew.

Why not make it cost nothing

Why wouldn’t it? If they have guns they are deadly to tanks and armoured cars and many people use them that way more then killing planes. Everyone always focuses on spaa (which many people never use) but also forget how cheap fighters are to spawn. Dedicated fighter are not only cheap but are insanely good against cas planes.

Yeah, because bringing 10 SPAA into a match is a great idea. Especially when you don’t have to pay for them, infinite vehicles.

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