Why does MIG-29G get better engines?

Much more modern SMT gets 9.13/12 engines but 29G gets better engines? Can someone explain the reasoning why the garbage that is SMT has worse engines?

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Its 10kgf, thats barely noticeable


Still? Why does the 9.12 get better engines while SMT is stuck with worse engines? If it’s so small why did you bother adding it in the 1st place?

Because it had slightly better engines that don’t make much of a difference

except smt uses right now normal rd-33 not rd-33 series 3


Yep SMT is using same engines as 9.12 right now while 9.12 29G is using better engines than SMT lmao. Muh Russian bias

You mean we are giving the USSR a gimped version of MIG-29 that is the SMT, which is heavier than a freight train, performs worse than a F4E, while giving the germans that are not the original producers of MIG-29 a much lighter better version and giving them better engines, even if its a tiny tiny boost, really? When people said Series 3 should be on SMT everyone said its too small to be added and to matter, but yet you model this for MIG-29G?

10 off is not remotely enough to be considered better

you moaning over 10kgf of thrust on one the best best planes in the game compared to other best plane in the game i don’t need to have the plane to know that argument is over nothing


the best plane is f-16c, the other best plane is 29G, what are you even talking about? Where is the SMT in this equation?

and the smt or do you consider the smt bad

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LOL nothing allows to dethorne Russia now today, didn’t they?
German got better MiG-29 than Russia yeah? and?

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10kgf except you are for getting that it also uses less fuel etc

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Keep talking you are the one whining about Russia Mig29 at the first place

I don’t know maybe annoying about Russia need better this or that when it unnecessary.

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I don’t attack anyone here I’m just telling the truth.

Yeah and? and when you said better it’s not by large margin of it just tiny little effect and SMT has more flare than G and I don’t see the problem oh and better radar

i didnt ask you if you see a problem or not, i just said the SMT should have better engines,while questioning why 29G gets series 2 engines. your opinions do not matter. Nobody cares about them. What matters is that SMT had series 3 engines IRL, yet you cry like its some arguement, when it is facts. Facts do not care about your feelings.

The better radar does not make a difference when the plane is 1.5 tons heavier. The radar on 29G is good enough, doesnt make a difference. Gets the job done, while being much lighter, having less fuel consumption and tiny bit better engines.

Larger fuel tank means longer time in the air have better radar always better than good enough radar, but more flare is always coming handy 1.5tons heavier effect the dog fight? yes i agreed but sometimes planes don’t always need into dogfight, and you also forget that MiG-29G don’t have air to ground weapons but SMT do it not entirely that MiG-29G better than SMT you need to complain.

go write a book or make a guide about it then, but only after you play the SMT, not before you even try it out and talk like you know it all so well.