Why do people still bring low br tanks to 11.7

like its not funny. it maybe was funny for the first time we saw it in a match but it gets so boring after the 1 thousands time. like whats the point? you are actively griefing the entire team by taking up the slot.


Such actions mostly done by CAS mains as I observed.

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no like they just bring their 1.0 br tanks or do they just bring the low br shit to ruin the fun that way since cas isnt enough for them?

It being used by CAS mains can be interpreted as follows:

  • They don’t have tanks unlocked in that BR so they bring tanks they do have (usually low tier) and ends up on other tiers depending on the plane they picked.
  • They don’t need to perform particularly well to get into CAS, namely, get some assists in and maybe cap a point, then they don’t need to worry about ground anymore.
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The godmode rewards for killing a vehicle that is 5 br higher also encourage this kind of behavior, the BT-5/M22 can indeed eliminate light tanks at 9.7+, and most German mains would bring the 15cm SiG along and roll dice because it could even kill MBTs.


I find it pretty annoying. It isn’t even the best place to get god mode, the best place is around 7.7-9.3 because of all the lightly armoured tanks.

It’s even worse in air, planes are rarely effective more than 2.0 BRs above where they are.

Yeah, there’s that explaination too! Although the response I gave was more of an explaination to EmEmiEm that being CAS focused doesn’t mean bringing weak tanks just to be more annoying.

Inb4 some dude with 0.5 KD and 47% winrate barges in and starts shouting how he brings low tier to top tier and gets kills all the time.

“fun is subjective” mfs that bring low tier to top tier when you actively grief them (you are subjectively having fun)

28k games and you don’t use a low BR low SP tank to capture a zone and stay in the game? I thought that was a War Thunder basic? Am I missing the point here?


I love it, people will find any excuse to blame CAS for literally anything and everything.

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Isn’t it because in RB your game BR is decided by the average of your in-game lineup? So if you want to put your high BR vehicle into a lower BR game, you take a 1.0 tank with it.

No, its based only off the BR of your highest vehicle. so if you ran all 1.0s and 1x 11.7 then youd face 11.7 matches (which could be 10.7-12.7 vehicles)

It quite literally is mostly CAS players.
Spawning a Bt-7m is cheap and you can instantly rush a cap then suicide into an enemy, after that you’ve got over 600sp and can spawn whatever orbital bombardment plane you want


How can a player with 28k games miss that one?

I bring my YaG-10 (29-K) to some games but not all, for God modes.

i mean at the start of the game not for an actual good reason like that they come with a tiger 2 or a tiger 2 or just a 1.0 starter tank to actually try and fight 11.7 tanks

meant to say tiger e not tiger 2 twice i just woke up

So they use a fast very low BR to capture a zone then having done so they get access to a plane early on? Thats not what you mean? If not I apologize ,that is why people do it at 6-7 BR .

God mode.

no fast tanks just the very typical 1.0 tanks that u start the game with