Why do people still bring low br tanks to 11.7

then bring a tank that can do it like the type 99 if u bring an actual good tank like that. that would be able to god mode easily i would under stand. or an actually fast tank to go cap a point for cas

Are they being used to capture zones?

nope they try to pvp and just get fucked

Type 99 isn’t 5.0+ BRs lower than 11.7.
11.7 - 5 = 6.7 or less.

God mode and BR-365A has better chance to one shot Strv 122B+ and Leo 2A7V since it’s angle pen is better then 3BM60.

They’ve just been playing too much Dwarf Fortress recently and are still in the “losing is fun” mindset.

You finally managed, after years, to get enough points and silver to get ONE Leopard II.

Of course you want to play it, but when it is the only thing you have on this BR then you will not want to have anything that is expensive and 1 or 2 levels beneath it but still only cannonn fodder at this BR.
Because you do not have the money to fix them.

Instead you go with your one HIGH-BR tank and then with 5 levels below which either is cheap to repair and you do not care for the loss or you get god mode when you manage to kill something.

That is why.
Same thing as the russians do with their T55 in RL at the moment, basically.

Edit: and you can first deploy a cheap one in the game to check what is going on anyway, if you even have a chance with the big one or if it is just money thrown away because the enemy is too powerful.

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Then do not be a cunt and dont play it till you have lineup for it, it is easy as that.