Why do CAS players so vocally oppose any suggestions

APCR can destroy Jagdtiger with ease, same goes to APDS.

Just learn the tanks.

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I sorry, I forgot APCR and APDS get a +200mm penetration buff when hitting Jagdtiger’s frontal plate.

Please tell me why would You use APCR/APDS on a plate that is angled when You can shoot at his cheek?

Very balanced I need to hit a 1ft by 6ft area to take his commander, and if you’re REALLY lucky, take out his gunner. Jagdtiger can 1-shot damn near anything that isn’t where the engine is. But CAS being able to take out a Jagdtiger the same way (albeit with a bit more aiming required) is clearly too OP.

You know that there are vechicles which can take out jagdtiger frontally at much lower B.R. without any issue.

This tank is only at 6.7 because some tanks need to be able to hit it in certain point in order to kill it, otherwise it would be at lower B.R.

Air is OP as jagdtiger can’t do anything about them, while even at 5.7 tank, You can always do something to jagdtiger.


CAS being untouchable to jagdtiger is fine. It gives tanks like M41A1, Jumbo 75/76, or Pershing an actual chance to fight it.

This tanks doesn’t need CAS to be able to fight

The Jagtiger doesn’t shoot every 6 seconds like the fat jumbo and doesn’t have stab, like players intentionally overlook the advantage of their vehicles lol

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Let them cope


You peeps could PM rather than discuss vehicles. Or I suppose thread is dead since the anti-Suggestion players are not the CAS ones.

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Threads like this always get derailed.

Truth be told, I am a bit surprised that after the idea has been shot down more times than I can count in dev written Q&A, dev live Q&A, and CEO Q&A that discussion of Tank-Only Mode has not been completely ripped apart in a lengthy dev blog and thereafter banned from being discussed as an official forum rule.

While some people might be looking at it with a level head, such as ULQ (much as I generally disagree with him), most people who ask for such a game mode are not. Most people are filled with salt and rage and go shoot their mouth off after being bombed/strafted/rocketed/missile’d too many times in one day, asking for nerfing of/removal of planes and/or a mode without them without having the wherewithal to actually THINK about the consequences of said game mode.

I recently re-watched TEC’s breakdown of the TO concept from a few years back, and he summed it up nicely. If you have two similar modes, people will congregate in one at the expense of the other, which even happens in MMOs far more popular than War Thunder. ULQ’s idea of a Trigger Queue like how Night Battles and soon high tier smaller team sizes will work might bypass this problem.

TEC also talked at length about maps and objectives being very campy, and how both make WT fundamentally a very defensive game. Unless you add a replacement mechanic to dig people out of nasty positions, many maps either become highly strained or outright break. An experienced user like myself, you, or ULQ may know what to do in a situation like that, but the average player does not and gets their xxx handed to them. So far, ULQ has no answer for this beyond “well actually there is no problem,” that sounds suspiciously to me like “yeah, and I will benefit by being in said spots and be harder to uproot.”


I think the main issue with such tanks is at range, where they can snipe without as much fear of being flanked. Jagdtiger is amazing in AB because it can actually move and can snipe because of this.

That is more a map and objective problem than it is a “to CAS or not to CAS” one.

Sure, CAS can be an anti-camping mechanism, but what would really help unravel that is another part of the overall reform program I have put forwards:

  • Much like Naval EC, caps now double as spawns for the team controlling them. Current spawns also become caps, thus the long-requested feature of replenishing armament at spawn zone would also become a thing.
  • These “Command Posts” (I came up with the idea from OG Battlefront II, then found Naval EC had the same thing, FYI) would have AI bunkers, AT guns, and possibly AA guns in a ring around the cap, just inside the outer border. These need to be killed to de-cap the zone, and bleed tickets when killed just like player tank kills do.
  • With both of the above, map sizes can now dramatically increase, because once someone dies they don’t need to spawn miles behind the front, but can instead spawn at one of the center cap zones.
  • With rear spawns now cap points, flanking parties no longer have to spawn camp to shut off enemy reinforcement supply, and can truly encircle the opposing team by capturing their rear spawns.
  • CAS can assist in this by preemptively softening up enemy caps, blowing up the bunkers and strafing the AT guns.
  • I have also considered the possibility of enemy cap zones stripped of AI defenses, provided they have no players sitting in them, becoming bombing targets. Ordinance dropped on these could either de-cap the zone once enough was put there, or simply increase the rate at which it is captured when your side’s tanks get there.
  • Artillery support would now take the form of actual player vehicle models outside the tank map as a target for CAS. These would not be as effortless to kill as Air AI Artillery are. At least three groups of such guns, scaling up in caliber (and therefore lethality) as BRs increase. Destroying these bleeds tickets.
  • Bombing targets would be brought back into Combined maps like they once were. Destroying these bleeds tickets.
  • Supply lines of trucks, using WWM SdKfz.6 and Studebaker US6 models, would spawn at the supply bases and be driving towards rear spawn zones. For every supply truck arriving at the map safely, that team gains tickets. Destroying them does not bleed tickets.
  • Airbases and Helipads would now be destructible again, but would not auto-end the round. They’d simply take small ticket chunks and stop further aircraft spawns/rearms.

Every relevant and important AI target on a Combined Arms map eating a piece of ordinance means one less player tank potentially throwing a xxxx fit and whining on the forums.


As long as the AI isnt broken OP or dumb I am up for it. I think AB would need different changes, however- probably turning into more of a TDM game with various viecle types getting abilities and such.

(I.e. light tanks going off minimap for some time, good lord they need it rn)

AB is a different beast that I am not terribly familiar with these days.

Makes sense, not many on the forum follow it. I do recommend you try it out to see how it currently is, and you will see the massive difference in performance for LTs or heavies. Personally I recommend playing the shermans and the 6.0 germany lineup, and then testing out some brit and swede LTs.